Why the NRA is a domestic terrorist group

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Why the NRA is a domestic terrorist group

Post by neighbor » Sat May 26, 2018 2:26 pm

Alright, first of all we need to set some parameters. First off, this article is 100% fact. No sane person other than a terrorist or Disciple of Satan will disagree with a single point in this essay.

The United States Constitution is the supreme law of this land. Any rule, regulation, ordinance, statute, or law that conflicts with the Constitution is absolutely 100% total bullshit, completely illegal, and null and void. Period. There are zero exceptions to this fact.

The founders of this nation were very careful in writing the Constitution and it's amendments and were in fact actually inspired by God in so doing.

The Constitution and it's amendments were drafted in concise language so as to negate any ambiguity. The second amendment for example is precise and very clear that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Under any circumstances. Period.

So the legal truth of the matter is that any statute that declares an individual must be older than three years of age to buy a bazooka or that there should be any restrictions of any kind as to owning a nuclear weapon, are completely unconstitutional. Now a dumb ass pretending to be a smart ass may say that common sense dictates that a three year old should not have a bazooka let alone a nuclear weapon. Well mister stupid shit, anti-Christ devil worshiping, bastard, and freedom hater, then change the amendment.

You see the Constitution is very clear on this and says that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Under any circumstances for any reason come hell or high water. And congress knows this and that is why they do not change the amendment because there is not a chance in hell that they will get enough support to do so. So instead, these Satanists in their efforts to obtain complete control try to get around the Constitution by creating statutes that say this or that is illegal. Well, these statutes are themselves illegal.

The only LEGAL way to infringe on the second amendment is to change the amendment. Altering an existing amendment requires a new amendment. So until such time as a new amendment is passed, all infringements are simply acts of treason and should be dealt with by the death penalty.

When a politician tries to go around the Constitution in order to gain unrighteous dominion over the citizenry, this is called treason. The penalty for treason is death.

So until the NRA acknowledges that the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land, they are to be considered a terrorist group or a treasonous group or an anti-American group or a group of freedom haters.

It was no accident that God inspired the founders to include the second amendment. Britain was an evil empire hell bent on serving Satan and God knew that in order for a country to be truly free, the citizenry had to be able to own any weapon that was available on the face of the earth in order to protect themselves against the Satanic forces of a dictatorship.

So truthfully, when a cop says that you must be a certain age or have a clean background or any other arbitrary rule that is totally against the Constitution, this cop is acting in a treasonous manner and needs to be killed. People that kill dirty cops should be invited to the White House and given the Medal of Honor. There is absolutely no other way to have a clean police force. If you think there is an honest cop in existence, I would suggest that you commit suicide and rid us of your filth.

United States citizens have become pansies. Pussies in pink panties. Afraid to stand up for what is right. Even churches are supporting faggots and treasonous politicians.

The fact of the matter is that armed citizens outnumber the treasonous politicians significantly. We could be free once again by simply killing the people that oppose the Constitution. This includes democrats and illegal aliens.

If every cop knew with 100% certainty that his life expectancy would be reduced by 100% if he attempted to violate the Constitution, there would be no dirty cops. Pretty simple, actually.

The NRA has committed treason many times. Supporting a ban on bump stocks was just one of many. What part of shall not be infringed do the NRA disagree with? The simple fact is that the NRA hates freedom and uses the money it collects to further the Luciferian agenda.

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