How important are babies to millennials?

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How important are babies to millennials?

Post by clickbait » Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:45 pm

We know they hate God. We know they are worthless cry babies who offer nothing to humanity. We know they want free health insurance and $15 an hour to do meaningless jobs. We know they wear pink underwear. We know the world would be a better place if they were dead. We know they think all races are equal. Not all of them, of course. There are over a dozen good ones. Here is how some of them treaty their babies.

Toddler left in hot car dies while mom was at work, police say ... -1.3441898

Teen mom indicted on attempted murder charge for leaving 8-month-old baby outside in plastic bag ... -1.3442183

Child dies after accidentally closing his neck in car window ... -1.3442242

Michigan mother charged with murder after taking decomposing son to the hospital ... -1.3362231

Mother sentenced to 65 years behind bars after police find daughter in freezer ... -1.3399333

Pregnant Georgia mother sentenced after boyfriend fatally beats her 3-year-old daughter ... -1.3394448

Mother who used Taser on her 5-year-old son is charged with felony ... -1.3395172

Memphis mother charged in toddler's death says she fell on daughter during fight with boyfriend ... -1.3391623

Bronx toddlers bled to death after savage beating; mom and boyfriend still suspects: police ... -1.3322248

Mom charged with murder of autistic teen daughter after burned remains found in fire pit ... -1.3435354

Man who killed 5-year-old stepdaughter because she interrupted his nap to ask for food sentenced to life in prison ... -1.3436470

There were thousands more but I got tired of copying and pasting the links. Of course, this is what all democrats want and one of the reasons they enjoy killing the unborn so much. When democrats took the oath to become Satan's disciple, they meant it. So next time some antifa demonstrators are blocking your road, wait until you hear a couple of bumps before you slow down. No need to stop and report it. People leave trash on the road quite often.

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