Could God be using Trump?

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Could God be using Trump?

Post by neighbor » Wed Jan 31, 2018 5:55 pm

Chip posted on another forum:
There is a lady named Ann Barnhardt who has a site,, where she used to run a cattle futures trading consultancy. She quit that when she realized that the Chicago Mercantile Exchange was a rigged system and did not afford her clients a real futures market for their cattle.

She's been using her website to educate people on the corruption in the system, but now has shifted to corruption within the Catholic church.

Ann was very stridently against Obama and the Democrats and pointed out that they were communists, and when commies get in power they NEVER intend to let go. She always said that Obama would probably not leave, or someone like him would have to fill in, because there's no way a communist putsch ever lets go of power, once it has gained it. It seems that the Democrats were really imagining that they would never have to answer for their crimes, as it was understood that Hillary would continue the regime and help cement it, permanently. They had become very confident in their corruption, supposing nothing would ever happen, since they would only become increasingly untouchable. Since Trump won, though, all their crimes are coming out. The FBI and DOJ were assuming they would never face scrutiny, since once Hillary got in, all investigations would be ended. Didn't work out that way, and now they are in trouble. It's funny that in their hubris, they believed all their own lies about the polls. It looks like Trump is going to expose them and they will be prosecuted.
Seems to me that anyone against Trump is not only against the United States, but also freedom, and therefore God.
We all know that Lucifer was kicked out for being a socialist (no child left behind), but also that God also removed Lucifer's ability to repent. Of course, democrats will never repent because they believe that they are right. They do not believe in personal responsibility, but rather that society should provide.

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