The Cloud Act of 2018 signed by Trump in Omnibus bill

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The Cloud Act of 2018 signed by Trump in Omnibus bill

Post by neighbor » Sun Mar 25, 2018 4:24 pm

UPDATE, March 23, 2018: President Donald Trump signed the $1.3 trillion government spending bill—which includes the CLOUD Act—into law Friday morning.

The CLOUD Act is a far-reaching, privacy-upending piece of legislation that will:

* Enable foreign police to collect and wiretap people's communications from U.S. companies, without obtaining a U.S. warrant.

* Allow foreign nations to demand personal data stored in the United States, without prior review by a judge.

* Allow the U.S. president to enter "executive agreements" that empower police in foreign nations that have weaker privacy laws than the United States to seize data in the United States while ignoring U.S. privacy laws.

* Allow foreign police to collect someone's data without notifying them about it.

* Empower U.S. police to grab any data, regardless if it's a U.S. person's or not, no matter where it is stored.

So long, Fourth Amendment!

It was nice knowing you. ... act-passes
This bill is the CLOUD Act. It was never reviewed or marked up by any committee in either the House or the Senate. It never received a hearing. It was robbed of a stand-alone floor vote because Congressional leadership decided, behind closed doors, to attach this un-vetted, unrelated data bill to the $1.3 trillion government spending bill. Congress has a professional responsibility to listen to the American people’s concerns, to represent their constituents, and to debate the merits and concerns of this proposal amongst themselves, and this week, they failed.

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Re: The Cloud Act of 2018 signed by Trump in Omnibus bill

Post by Floyd » Sun Mar 25, 2018 4:28 pm

I would STRONGLY urge all of you to use VPNs, and only those that have a strict no-log policy and strong encryption.

Every year, the file sharing news site TorrentFreak lists the best VPNs available. They ask each VPN important questions, such as whether they log information or not, the kind of encryption they use, etc. This information is extremely important to know and to have on hand as a reference guide. Now, thanks to the CLOUD act, this information is more important than ever. ... mous-2018/

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