Did Florida school actually want a shooting?

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Did Florida school actually want a shooting?

Post by Floyd » Thu Apr 05, 2018 2:36 pm

The short answer is Yes, absolutely the school was hoping to be shot up.
The kid said he was going to shoot the school and the sheriff knew it, the FBI knew it, the school knew it, and the whole town knew it. The sheriff and FBI both agreed to do nothing about it. The school had been given over $100 million (One Hundred Million Dollars in CASH) for school safety which they refused to spend until after a shooting.

One can not even make up a story this crazy. The truth is stranger than fiction. Of course, all democrats are Disciples of Satan and there is no low that is too low for these scum. They will do anything to destroy our freedoms.

The truth is coming out: http://dennismichaellynch.com/florida-s ... 2F05%2F18

We can never regain our freedoms as long as a single democrat lives.

The announcement states that the report includes the following information:

Evidence that over $100,000,000 allocated to Broward County specifically for school safety in 2014 has been mismanaged after it was discovered only 5% has been spent.
Evidence of dangers posed to student safety by the school discipline matrixes and programs such as PROMISE and the Behavior Intervention Program.

PROMISE is an Obama-era “no-arrest policy” school discipline program that has been reported as what allowed Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz to avoid arrest for previous incidents, prior to the mass shooting he committed on February 14.

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