Unimaginable numbers

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Unimaginable numbers

Post by learning » Wed Feb 28, 2018 5:39 pm

There are so many stars in our Milky Way Galaxy that they are impossible to count, it can only be estimated that there are 200 billion visible stars in our galaxy (and just as many stars which are not visible).

We can not see an end to the Universe at all, and as far as we can see there are galaxies. The estimate is that there are 200 billion galaxies out from where we can see so far, and each of them averaging as many stars as are in our Milky Way.

200 billion visible stars X 200 billion known galaxies.

Our Sun is thought to be at least a 3rd generation star, meaning that we can expect that there are civilizations out there that have been around for a billion years since before the first Humans appear on Earth.

Here on Earth, we have made a sudden and tremendous leap in technology in the last hundred years, how much will our technology advance in a billion years?

How far beyond our level is a civilization that has existed for a billion years?

For nearly 6000 years man cooked his food over an open fire. After the Church of Jesus Christ was reorganized on the earth on April 6, 1830, technology began to multiply rapidly.

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