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Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:57 am
by neighbor ... marijuana/

“Synthetic marijuana” is the catch-all term used to describe plant material dosed with some kind of chemical concoction, ingestion of which has some kind of psychoactive effect on the user.

Vague? Absolutely. Potentially hazardous, a bad idea and a strong argument for legalization of actual marijuana? Right all around—but in the meantime, the market inefficiency presented by human beings’ universal demand for cannabis coupled with a lack of access means there will always be room for unscrupulous sellers of spurious chemical cocktails to make a profit.

“At night there are people hiding away in doorways smoking the stuff, it’s everywhere,” one anonymous user told news website Stuff.

According to a former synthetic cannabis user interviewed by the New Zealand Herald, fake-weed makers will mix ingredients, including sleeping pills, anti-anxiety drugs and rat poison, and then test out their homemade chemical concoctions—“homemade poison,” the newspaper called it—on homeless people.

Similar scripts have played out in the United States. Last year in Brooklyn, a particular bad batch of synthetic cannabis rendered its users into mindless “zombies,” a surreal situation recorded in the New York Times.