North Korea

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North Korea

Post by learning » Mon Aug 14, 2017 12:35 pm

The killing of half brother of kim jong un, kim jong nam was a complete CIA psy op. Why did they use a nerve agent a thousand times more powerful than sarin and the ladies that used it, used it with their bare hands to put over kim jong nam's face at an airport, yet they didn't get sick or ill or die from that nerve agent on their hands!
Those two ladies that apparently killed him didn't die and I have a strong suspicion they were pawns in a bigger zio-political game!
--- alienatednativegirl

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Re: North Korea

Post by James-T-Prout » Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:19 pm

(Re-Posted from another thread on North Korea in LDSFF.)

A few days ago, I got an email from a young woman
named "C".

She asked me this about North Korea:
"I just got this message from my daughter who lives
in Ogden. (Hill Air Force Base)

One of the ladies at work whose husband works on
base in the air force said something big is going on right now.

The jets have been flying over the area non stop for 2 days.

Lots of people being deployed to various places.

Most the guys have been going to Japan. That's
where (my friend at work) thinks her husband will be deployed to.

Sounds like we're planning some sort of attack on Korea. What do you think?"

I can say only a few things on the topic:

1. From what I've read in prophecy in the scriptures,
North Korea doesn't directly appear. grin
There are other wars that do appear. Particularly a
war with Iran. It is the "Ram and the He Goat Vision"
(See the Appendix of The Last Days Timeline - We know
when that Iran war happens, and the precursors that
start it. It's in the scriptures.)

2. There have been several recently recorded, within the last
7-10 years, extra-curricular visions that do point
to a war with North Korea. David Warwick seems to
be the lead in this area of war with North Korea
turning into WW3 with Russia and China. David has
not written a book yet, but has frequent speaking
engagements and he is on youtube.

3. Visionary Sarah Menet has said nothing on North
Korea in her 2002 book, "There is No Death".
Roger K. Young, author of "As a Thief in the Night"
worked with Sarah Menet to get her book published.

3a Roger K. Young's several vision books do document
that many different people have been shown North
Korea as a trigger.

4. Advanced prepping author Joel Skousen,
has pointed to North Korea as the trigger for WW3
for more than 20 years. (since the late 1990s.) He claims
the elites have been saving North Korea for just such
a trigger for a surprise WW3 attack by Russian and China (SEE BELOW).


5. There have been several old prophecies concerning
war in the Pacific where the nukes were targeting our
ships, not the Mainland USA. Most of these are recorded
by author Duane Crowther in "Prophecy Key to the Future".
Most of these prophecies were given by Church Stake
Patriarchs that are long dead from the 1960s; given
during the Cold War with the USSR.

6. Recently, today Sept 21,17, Donald Trump announced
to the United Nations panel that North Korea was a threat
and he is putting new tougher sanctions upon them. ALSO
that China is in league and is helping the USA by taking away
banking connections from North Korea. So North Koreans and
their government can no longer use Chinese banks. This shows
China is on-board, at least a little. ... 2017-09-21

7. As for myself, I have seen many build-ups to war during my lifetime.
And it usually looks like this. That the active military
men are sent first. Then, if it's a big engagement, the
reserves are called up next. Usually we start to hear the
War Drums start beating in the press for about 2 months
before a big conflict. Meanwhile the men, machinery, and
supplies are being built up on military bases, close to the

HOWEVER, this time may be a bit different, as the press
is dominated by the 3 Eagle Heads, and they always want war.
It feeds their profits. (See book: The President Makers)
BUT, they don't like Trump. So, they may use the press to
undermine any war activities Trump begins. Very different
than what we have seen in the last 40 years. (Just a hunch)

(See Book: The President Makers - How Billionaires Control U.S. and Foreign Policy)

The material above is related to a book that I authored: "The Last Days Timeline"

For up-to-date info see talk titled: "What the Scriptures Say About Donald Trump -How Long Will He Last?

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