Photography is not a crime

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Photography is not a crime

Post by neighbor » Sun Dec 31, 2017 4:15 pm ... ilt-trial/

For 40 minutes, Utah resident Bryce Weber noticed the cop sitting in an unmarked car parked in front of his home Saturday, so he decided to step outside with a camera to make some inquiries, thinking the cop was surveilling his home for some reason.

Realizing he was being approached, Woods Cross City police officer Ryan Lundquist stepped out the car in full uniform to greet him.

When Weber asked what he was doing, Lundquist said it didn’t concern him, then asked for his name, which Weber declined to provide.

“It doesn’t matter, I know who you are anyway,” Lundquist replied before getting back into his car.

The cop then rolled down the window and accused Weber of “interfering with what I’m about to do.”

Weber, 19, who is on felony probation from a previous arrest involving $50 worth of marijuana which we will discuss below, then stepped onto the sidewalk and continued recording, prompting Lundquist to step back out of his car again.

This time, he brought up the old “officer safety” excuse that cops believe trumps the Constitution.

“You have the right to film from a public sidewalk but when you start to compromise my safety and yours, I’ve got a problem,” the cop said. “You need to return to your home because your safety is going to be in trouble as well as mine because you’re standing right here.”

Weber insisted he wasn’t compromising the officer’s safety by recording, but offered to move down the sidewalk, again asserting his right to document police from a public space.

But the cop insisted that would still be interfering.

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