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New study proves the UNDENIABLE connection between vaccination and autism

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The story becomes a lot more interesting, however, when you compare the data in the report, which was taken from the Canadian National Autism Spectrum Surveillance System, with the Public Health Agency’s vaccine coverage data, which is broken down by province and vaccine type. It shows that autism prevalence is the greatest where the vaccine rates happen to be the highest.

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What is in Vaccinations

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Please click on the link to watch this very informative video

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Re: Vaccinations

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TRIPLETS all become autistic within hours of vaccination… see shocking video that has the vaccine industry doubling down on lies and disinfo

(Natural News) A VAXXED video that has been banned almost everywhere is going viral on, the Youtube alternative video community for free speech on vaccines, GMOs, natural medicine and more.

As the video shows below, healthy triplets all became autistic within hours of vaccination, once again demonstrating that vaccines cause autism. The parents, the McDowell family in Detroit, Michigan, have spoken out publicly against the horrific medical violence being committed against children every day across America through toxic vaccines. (See for more reporting on vaccines and autism.)

The names of their three children, pictured above, are Richie, Robbie and Claire. All three children were vaccinated on the same day, and within hours, they all become severely autistic.

In their own words:

On June 25th, 2007, we brought them in for the [vaccine] shot… we went in at 10 am. All three. My daughter still has the mark on her leg from the shot… we did the boys as well. By noon, Claire shut completely off. It was as if she was blind, and deaf, and complete failure to thrive, from super super happy, smiley girl to… she had full blown eye contact, and she shut right down. All she did was stare at the ceiling.

At 2:00 we watched Richie shut off. All his mama, dadda, and the furniture walking and everything just shut of. All the giggles, all the smiles, again failure to thrive. They lost all their reflexes… they stopped blinking, yawning, coughing, sneezing, they lost their startle reflex… that was 2:00.

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Document Exposes 36 Infants Dead After this Vaccine

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The six in 1 vaccine Infanrix Hexa killed 36 infants in two years, along with 500 serious adverse effects and 1,700 reported adverse effects.

If sudden infant deaths are included since 2000 the number increases to 76 deaths.

The two year period averaged 1.5 deaths per month. This is extremely high.

Only 1 to 10 percent of adverse reactions are reported.

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Flu shot scam

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Re: Vaccinations

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March 21, 2019

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Office of the First Presidency
47 East South Temple Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150

Re: Vaccination policy

Dear President Nelson, President Oaks, and President Eyring,

My name is Brett Wilcox. I am a lifelong member of the church, currently living in Sitka, Alaska with my family. Four years ago, I wrote a letter to President Monson and his counselors regarding the church’s position on vaccination (attached). (1)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is well known for its emphasis on protecting the sanctity of the family. The Church is also known for its support of vaccination programs, as evidenced by public statements encouraging vaccination, vaccine requirements for prospective missionaries, and its participation in and funding of international vaccination initiatives.

By linking arms with the vaccine industry, the Church has literally linked arms with the arm of flesh. Nearly all modern vaccines are contaminated with DNA fragments from various animals and from aborted male and female fetuses. (2)

It seems highly unlikely that a loving God would intend to have fetuses harvested, processed, and injected back into the bodies of pregnant women, infants, toddlers, and children. And surely, God did not intend to have His children place their faith in a one-size-fits-all medical intervention based on a (secret) combination of human sacrifice and cannibalism.

Contrary to commonly accepted dogma, vaccines are dangerous. Vaccine researchers—fully aware of this fact—design “safety” studies to hide vaccine injury and death. Rather than compare new vaccines to an inert placebo, researchers compare them to another vaccine, vaccines, or toxic vaccine ingredients, such as aluminum, which scientists routinely use to induce autoimmunity in laboratory rats. The result of these experiments is known beforehand: at least 2% of vaccine recipients in both the test group and the “placebo” group will experience serious adverse events. Researchers write off the injuries as “New Medical Events” unrelated to the test vaccine or to the toxic “placebo.” I repeat for emphasis: Researchers intentionally injure, and sometimes kill, healthy children who would not have been injured or killed, had they been given a legitimate placebo. The FDA licenses new vaccines fully aware that industry “safety” tests are nothing more than scientific treachery. (3)

The ritual of vaccination is an assault on decency, individual health, families, and on the human race. The DNA in vaccines of both fetal and animal origin has the capacity to insert itself into the DNA of vaccine recipients. (4) Vaccines currently in development will intentionally and permanently alter human DNA and the human genome. (5) Consequently, we may be among the last of our species who are fully male, female, or even human.

The Church cannot defend the sanctity of the family and simultaneously endorse a medical procedure that is altering the human genome, dissolving gender, decreasing fertility, diminishing mental capacity, and multiplying chronic disease and disability. (6) This is especially true in developing countries where people are chronically immunocompromised due to poverty, malnutrition, and unsanitary food, water, and living conditions. Children raised in these circumstances are more vulnerable to the toxins in vaccines, which would explain why researchers in Guinea-Bissau documented that the DTP vaccine multiplied childhood mortality by fivefold. (7)

To the best of my knowledge, various parties have attempted to speak with the First Presidency, in recent years, regarding this issue. None have succeeded. Some have, instead, been granted an audience with the Church’s medical advisors. While appreciated, these meetings have not been helpful. With rare exception, medical professionals know virtually nothing about the ingredients in vaccines, vaccine adverse events, treatment for the injured, or the fact that the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid victims of vaccine injury and death over $4 billion. Few have any interest in learning, perhaps because doing so could cost them their careers.

To illustrate the ignorance and indoctrination of the medical community, please consider a short video titled “Reasons to Immunize,” posted on the BYU School of Nursing’s YouTube channel June 19, 2013. Among several other outrageous and incorrect claims, the video proclaims, “The immune system can handle 100,000 immunizations simultaneously. Seriously, 100,000.” (8) Vaccine doses range from 0.5 ml to 2.0 ml. At the lowest dosage volume, 100,000 vaccines total 50 liters or 13.2 gallons of vaccine solution. That this kind of propaganda is regularly taught to aspiring medical professionals is evidence of the power of the vaccine industry to shut down critical thinking skills, in even the brightest minds, and it has successfully laid the stage for widespread vaccine injury and death, and denial of the same.

On March 16, 2019, The American Academy of Pediatrics “called for elimination of religious exemptions to vaccination to be the top priority for the year . . . .” (9) Vaccine stakeholders are laying the groundwork to force all people, including the First Presidency, the Quorum of the Twelve, and their families to submit to mandatory womb to tomb vaccinations, or give up their right to work, drive, travel, receive an education, or participate in public events. (10) Vaccine-related information is now being censored on the Internet and legislation of the same has been proposed. (11) (12) Vaccine program architects and the organizations they control are clearly archenemies of freedom, agency and humanity.

It is time for the Church to stop deferring to the authority of medical professionals on this issue. It’s also time for medical professionals to stop deferring to the authority of the Church on this issue. It’s time for both Church leaders and medical professionals to listen to the real authorities on this subject: the mothers of vaccine-injured and killed children—the same mothers who placed their faith in vaccinations, because Church leaders and medical professionals advised them to do so. Many of these mothers have spent thousands of hours researching, studying, and networking to understand what happened to their children. Many have successfully healed their children from their vaccine injuries, including autism. More often than not, they are scorned and threatened by their doctors for not “believing science” and are shunned and ridiculed by the Latter-day Saint community for not “following the Prophet.”

Hundreds of members—mostly mothers—have contacted the Church telling the same story: vaccines injured or killed their babies, children, teens, and missionaries. Most of the time, Public Affairs representatives assure callers that the Church has no official vaccination related policy and that members are free to seek out and act on personal revelation. This is encouraging, but insufficient. Private statements to individual callers cannot stand against the Church’s historical and ongoing public support of vaccination programs and initiatives.

It is tragic that the Church has done nothing to protect its members from international cartels that are stripping people of their God-given and Constitutionally-protected religious right to abstain from vaccination. It is shameful that the Church continues to infringe upon the Constitutionally-protected right of its missionaries to abstain from liability-free vaccinations that were brought to market by fraud and treachery. This practice must stop. If not, the Church has a moral obligation to assume full liability for vaccine-induced injuries and deaths. To do otherwise is unconscionable.

It is a disgrace that missionaries are shamed, coerced, and guilt-tripped into submitting to unwanted, liability-free vaccinations. Some are being injected by medically untrained Church leaders, or companions. Medical professionals are shielded from vaccine-related liability. Unlicensed Church leaders or missionaries acting under the direction of their leaders are not shielded. For the sake of the Church and its members, these dangerous and illegal practices must stop.

It is a disgrace that Latter-day Saint elected officials sponsor and advance vaccine-related legislation to limit the agency of their constituents, resulting in increased vaccine injury and death. It is a disgrace that Church medical advisors and educators remain dangerously and willfully misinformed on this topic. It is a disgrace that many members continue to believe that the Lord wants them to inject their healthy children with an ungodly mix of neurotoxins, cytotoxins, carcinogens, fertility inhibitors, fetal and animal DNA, etc.

Our misplaced faith in the salvational value of injected poisons must come to an end. If we don’t stand together now, virtually everyone on the planet will be forced to submit to ever increasing numbers of toxic and heinous formulations intended to alter our very DNA.

Time is running out.

I recommend that the Church’s legal department study this issue closely and take appropriate measures to advance the cause of truth and liberty. And I join with the growing number of vaccine informed people—members and non-members alike—who pray that in your capacity as Church leaders you will recognize the enemy at your doorstep and do everything within your power to protect the human family, religious freedom, and the Church from some of the most wicked evildoers who have ever walked the Earth.


Brett Wilcox, author
We’re Monsanto: Feeding the World, Lie After Lie, Book I (Book II)
Jabbed: How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment and Government Stick It to You and Your Family

Cc: Church Legal Department
Church Medical Advisors

Note to readers: Please write the First Presidency and share your thoughts, feelings, and experience related to this issue. Regardless of faith, feel free to amend this letter as needed to send to your church leadership or for any other good purpose.


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