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Vaxxed produced banned from Australia for telling truth

Post by the-cripple » Tue Aug 15, 2017 5:27 pm ... australia/

Polly Tommey, producer of the famous documentary, Vaxxed (trailer), has been banned from Australia. If that sounds quite insane—it is.

Vaxxed has been screening across the world. It is an explosive revelation about egregious fraud at the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The film focuses on the 2014 public confession of a long-time researcher at the CDC, William Thompson. Thompson admits that he and his colleagues committed a crime, by manipulating data to give the MMR vaccine a free pass, “proving” it had no connection to autism—when in fact, as Thompson states, the vaccine does raise the risk of autism in children.

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Dr. Conrad on Vaccinations

Post by neighbor » Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:11 pm

visit Dr. Conrad's youtube channel at:

Interview with Dr. Conrad

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Kidney doctor who sounded the alarm on vaccine damage was targeted for murder

Post by solarguy » Mon Feb 05, 2018 4:30 pm ... y-clamped/

Kidney doctor who sounded the alarm on vaccine damage was targeted for murder when the brake lines of her vehicle were secretly clamped

(Natural News) Many in the natural health community are already aware of the recent death threat that vaccine truth advocate Dr. Suzanne Humphries received from an anonymous assailant. But what you may not realize is that Dr. Humphries was previously targeted for murder when someone maliciously severed the brake lines on her vehicle.

During a recent interview with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Dr. Humphries bore it all about her history working in medicine; the criticism and animosity she’s faced over the years for departing from its dogma; and more recently the vulgar threat she received on her life via anonymous email. Dr. Humphries also told of how her work in exposing vaccine truth hasn’t exactly done her any favors in terms of her personal safety.

It was right around the time when Dr. Humphries began to notice, and talk about, the increasing number of kidney conditions she was observing in conjunction with influenza vaccination that she quickly landed in the crosshairs of pro-vaccine cultists. She was falsely accused of being an “anti-vaxxer,” a categorical branding that represents a type of medical scarlet letter, and one that draws plenty of ire and hate from the more extremist “jabbers” who believe that people who don’t vaccinate put all of society at risk.

If a person really believes this unsubstantiated dogma, it’s easy to see how angered they might become at people like Dr. Humphries who are spreading a different narrative. To pro-vaccination cultists like the anonymous assailant who most recently threatened Dr. Humphries’s life, warning people about the dangers of vaccines basically makes one an infidel who must be taken out for the protection of the “herd.”

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Gov admits flu shot not effective

Post by solarguy » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:49 am ... year-worse
NEW YORK (AP) — The flu vaccine is doing a poor job protecting older Americans and others against the bug that's causing most illnesses.

Preliminary figures released Thursday suggest the vaccine is 36 percent effective overall in preventing flu illness severe enough to send a patient to the doctor's office.

There's only been one other time in the last decade when the flu vaccine did a worse job.

Most illnesses this winter have been caused by a nasty kind of flu called Type A H3N2. The vaccine was only 25 percent effective against that type.

This kind of virus tends to cause more suffering and have been responsible for the worst recent flu seasons. But experts have wondered whether low vaccine effectiveness is another reason for the surprisingly severe season hitting the United States this winter.

Based on these numbers, the answer is yes.
One might say that the flu vaccine is as effective as killing a democrat. Although killing a democrat has advantages of it's own whether you get the flu or not.

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A new theory about the flu vaccine makes connections to missing CDC staffer Tim Cunningham

Post by solarguy » Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:12 pm

The idea that flu shots cause the flu has been disproven by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but the myth lives on. In this flu season, the deadliest in a decade, skeptics have taken it a step further — insisting the shot not only makes people sick, but also is fueling the entire epidemic.

It’s a theory bolstered by the spinning of a recent event — the disappearance of a CDC staffer named Timothy Jerrell Cunningham. An epidemiologist at the Atlanta headquarters, Cunningham was reportedly last seen by his colleagues on Feb. 12, when he left work early because he didn’t feel well.

When the 35-year-old’s parents arrived at his home in Atlanta a few days later to look for him, they found his car, dog, and phone. Two weeks later, no one has heard from him. As officials continue to search, the Atlanta Police Department is offering a reward for any information on his disappearance.

What thrust Cunningham’s story into the influenza spotlight was a Jan. 18 post from controversial site, which claimed to have spoken with a “CDC doctor” who said the flu shot was responsible for the spike in flu deaths. Fact-checking website Snopes investigated the claim and found it “false,” citing the CDC’s protocol of recommending the flu shot, as well as YourNewsWire’s history of fabricating quotes.

Although YourNewsWire did not identify the so-called CDC doctor in the Jan. 18 piece, in the aftermath of Cunningham’s disappearance the site has run with the narrative that it was Cunningham. In a Feb. 22 post titled “CDC Doctor, Who Claimed Flu Shot Caused Outbreak, Missing Feared Dead,” writer Baxter Dmitry claims to have spoken with Cunningham in January, and said he expressed concerns about his safety if his name got out.

Anti-vaccination groups have used this story as proof that the flu shot is causing the epidemic — and that anyone who talks about it is in danger.

This week, the theory was advanced by another site, Health Nut News, which ran a story under the headline “ABC: Experts Say Flu Shot Potentially Caused the Flu Epidemic.” In it, site editor Erin Elizabeth makes no mention of ABC News and instead uses an out-of-context quote from a nurse in Wisconsin, named Anna Treague, as “proof” that the flu shot is causing the epidemic.

Treague’s quote is taken from a Feb. 8 piece in Wisconsin’s Burnett County Sentinel in which she makes a comment about the efficacy rate of the current vaccine, and how it relates to H3N2, the virus currently spreading through the United States. reviewed Health Nut News’ claim that the flu shot causes the influenza epidemic — based on Treague’s quote — and deemed it “false.”

The Sentinel amended its story to add an editor’s note apologizing for the “potentially misleading” article, and specifically clarifying that Treague is not a CDC nurse, but one with Burnett County Public Health. “We regret the error and apologize for any confusion, inconvenience or misunderstanding it may have caused,” the editors write.

Although the current vaccine does not protect against H3N2, it can stop a co-infection from happening in the event that someone has H3N2. It’s not unusual for a flu vaccine not to offer full protection.

The constantly changing infection is always mutating into new strains, resulting in viruses that are antigenically different (producing different antibodies). But even a shot that doesn’t kill every infection can be lifesaving — and is. During the past nine years, the flu vaccine has prevented more than 40,000 flu-related deaths, according to the CDC.

When reached for comment about the conspiracy, Vanderbilt University infectious-disease specialist Dr. William Schaffner let out a chuckle and said he’s “bemused.” Schaffner had heard the story that the shot causes the flu, but he’s only recently learned of the conspiracy theory that it’s acting on a larger scale to spread the virus.

He calls the concept, in a word, outrageous. “There is no live virus in the injectable vaccine,” Schaffner tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “So that scenario is impossible.” To officially put to rest the notion that the flu vaccine caused the current epidemic (which the CDC also does here), Yahoo Lifestyle asked Schaffner to clarify some of the biggest misconceptions. Here are his answers.

Yahoo Lifestyle: What is the flu shot made of?

Schaffner: To make a flu shot, you start with the bad virus and you grow up that virus in the lab so you get a sufficient volume. The next thing you do is you kill it. After that you break it apart, and only take a few essential parts, and that becomes the vaccine. But it’s only the parts of a killed virus that are included in the injectable vaccine. It’s dead! Which means that the virus cannot reconstitute itself.

If there is no live virus, why do some people feel sick after they take it?

Two reasons. One, when you get an injection you get a local inflammatory response. Usually after I get a flu shot, my arm is very sore for about three hours. That’s normal. And two — in just 1 to 3 percent of people the entire body responds, so you can feel funky and get a headache. It’s an inflammatory reaction, and in rare cases can even cause a fever. But that’s all part of the body’s response to the vaccine. It’s not influenza; it’s just your body building up the resistance to it.

But what about people who feel actual symptoms of a cold afterward?

Well, in that case you are likely experiencing symptoms of a different illness, but it’s not a causal relationship. It’s just a coincidence. Think of it this way: Just because the rooster crowed before the dawn doesn’t mean that it caused the dawn. You get what I’m saying?

What do you think of the idea that the flu shot is causing the current influenza outbreak?

That’s a strange, outrageous, and misinformed concept. The injectable vaccine doesn’t contain a live virus, for one thing. But also, the virus has been with us long before the first vaccine was ever created. Nature has created it, and we’re trying to stop it. The vaccine is far from perfect at doing that, but it’s pretty good.

So even though the shot isn’t foolproof, it’s better than nothing?

Of course it’s better than nothing! That’s like saying the natural way to treat appendicitis is just to ride it out. You don’t want to do that, trust me. ... 24583.html

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Want some cancer?

Post by solarguy » Sun Mar 11, 2018 1:30 pm

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Re: Vaccinations

Post by Liberty » Thu Apr 12, 2018 4:22 pm


Most of the current measles epidemic sufferers in Europe had the shot before getting the disease.

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Big Pharma sterilizes 500,000 girls with vaccine

Post by Floyd » Fri Apr 20, 2018 2:28 pm ... ing-girls/
A Big Pharma company who manufactured a vaccine allowing for a state-sponsored forced sterilization of over 500,000 girls in Africa has had its licence revoked.

According to Kenya’s opposition leader, Raila Odinga, half-a-million young girls are now infertile following a tetanus vaccine administered by the government in 2014 and 2015.
“Today, we can confirm to the country that the Catholic Church was right. Hundreds of thousands of our girls and women, aged between 14 and 49, from the fastest growing populations in the country will not have children, because of the state-sponsored sterilization that was sold to the country as tetanus vaccination,” he declared.

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The Unvaccinated Amish Rarely Get Cancer, Autism or Heart Disease… Coincidence?

Post by Floyd » Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:39 pm ... er-autism/

he Amish are a group of traditional Christian people with Swiss origins. They rarely receive vaccines, and they rarely come down with diseases like cancer, autism or heart disease. Coincidence? Let’s dig deeper and find out.

All parents want best for their children, and I think we can all agree that we should be raising the absolute healthiest and brightest children we possibly can. After all, children are our future, so we owe it to them and to humanity to take an honest, logical look at this issue.

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CDC admits 98 million Americans given cancer virus in law mandated shots

Post by Liberty » Tue May 01, 2018 4:44 pm ... -shot.html

The CDC has admitted that between 1955–1963 over 98 million Americans received one or more doses of a polio shot which was contaminated with a cancer-causing virus called Simian vacuolating virus 40 (SV40). The CDC quickly took down the page, along with Google, but the site was luckily cached and saved to symbolize this grand admission.

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