H1N1 still kills

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H1N1 still kills

Post by Floyd » Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:55 pm

Recently, Bre Payton, a writer for the conservative news site The Federalist and a frequent guest on the Fox News Channel and other media outlets, died suddenly Friday at the age of 26. The Federalist and a friend, Morgan Murtaugh, confirmed Payton's death in San Diego.

Murtaugh tweeted that she found her friend unconscious on Thursday morning and doctors determined Payton had H1N1 flu - also known as swine flu - and meningitis.

Back around 2008 or 2009, H1N1 was on the news almost every night. A new strain of swine flu that was mostly deadly for the elderly, very young, and the immune suppressed.

A careless mother allowed her sick child to attend school. School administrators did not send the obviously sick child home. Audrey caught the virus from the sick child.

Audrey is my daughter. She was born in 2000 and needed a liver transplant before she was a year old. She wasn't gaining weight. Finally, it was discovered that she had biliary atresia. Doctors would cut a piece of her intestine and create a bile tube. Operation failed. She had been placed on a feeding machine which constantly pumped nutrients through a hose in her nose and down to her stomach. She hated the tube and pulled it out every chance she got. Many times a day. We became good and placing it back in correctly. Many times a nurse would send for a doctor to replace the tube, and we would quickly replace the tube before the doctor had time to arrive.

It was determined that she needed a new liver and she was placed on a waiting list. Getting on the list was a miracle in and of itself. The operation would cost millions and her mother and I had met in rehab. I was a recovering alcoholic and her mother was a recovering drug addict. We had no money or insurance. The state of Arizona was not willing to pick up the tab. The process entailed far more than the initial operation. Hundreds of doctor visits. Trial and error getting the correct medication so that she would not reject the donor liver. And a lifetime of care.

There was to be a meeting in Phoenix regarding my appeal to have the state pay for the operation. Audrey's life lay in the decision. I asked my Bishop to accompany me to the meeting. He met us there. He told them we were members in good standing and that if we needed help, the church would provide it.

Audrey was approved to receive a transplant. She was to live in an apartment across the street from the hospital so that whenever a liver became available, she would be right there. It was 11 months from the time she went to live by the hospital until she returned after getting the transplant. Her mother was with her the whole time.

Her medication was changed a dozen or more times. Eventually, she was stable and could begin trying to have a normal life. She had been in isolation and away from her peers for a long time.

We came to live in Utah.

This is where she was exposed to the H1N1 virus.

Liver transplant patients are given a drug to suppress their immune system so that the donor liver is not rejected. The downside to this is that she is far more susceptible to any disease that might be around.

One day, as was the case 3 or 4 times a week, the Elder Missionaries were over for dinner. Eating meals in member homes reduces their food expense while they are on their mission. This particular day Audrey was sick and the Elders asked what was wrong. I told them and asked if they would administer to her. They immediately ran out of the house and never came back, ever. They said that they were under strict orders for their own safety to never under any circumstances be around anyone with H1N1.

Donna, Audrey's mother had taken Audrey to the doctor that very day and it was decided that she was to be taken into the hospital the following morning to be placed in isolation on an IV so that if there was even the slightest chance that she could live, she would be where help was available. The prognosis was dismal. The doctor offered little assurance and prepared Donna for the likely possibility that Audrey would die with a day or so. There was nothing they could do. She was terribly sick and any attempt to increase her immunity would result in her rejection of the liver and certain death. The odds on a liver transplant are very good the first time. Seldom does anyone survive a second transplant.

The missionaries had refused to administer to her. Some weeks earlier in Priesthood meeting, our quorum was each given a vial of Consecrated Oil and a pamphlet describing various Ordinances. I had never administered to anyone before. I had asked God to help me one time earlier when my daughter Candice was epileptic. She was healed completely of the epilepsy, but it had taken many months. I was going to need some instant healing tonight. The doctors were counting the hours.

I waited until she was asleep. I held the oil in one hand and the instruction pamphlet in the other. She stirred in her sleep and I don't know if she awoke or not. I was incredibly humble. Not having great expectations of God answering any requests from the likes of me.

I went to bed.

In the morning, Donna took Audrey to the hospital as planned. Not much over an hour later, they returned. I asked Donna what had happened as I had not expected Audrey to return from the hospital. On checking Audrey, the doctor determined that there was no sign of the H1N1 virus and that since she was not sick, she had no need of a hospital.

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Re: H1N1 still kills

Post by neighbor » Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:30 pm

Bre Peyton was probably murdered for revealing information that democrats found incriminating. She probably had neither the H1N1 swine flu or meningitis. She never mentioned any illness or discomfort to her friend whose home she died at.

Her body should be exhumed to discover any needle marks left by a murderer.

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