Miracles at the Logan LDS Temple

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Miracles at the Logan LDS Temple

Post by Floyd » Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:44 pm

These are not "mormon folk tales" but as you can see they have plenty of historical evidence to back them up. Stories from the Logan Temple has dozens of these sacred experiences recorded in it. Enjoy this one from ldsliving. http://www.ldsliving.com/Elder-Ballard- ... le/s/80005
Here is more to add from an older post of mine. "the Spirit bore testimony that there would be a great work done in London." Satan, it seems, was also aware of this...

Postby kirtland r.m. » Sat Jul 02, 2016 8:19 pm
A reminder of who and what we face.
Heber C. Kimball – vision of the devils

“…a vision was opened to our minds, and we could distinctly see the evil spirits, who foamed and gnashed their teeth at us. We gazed upon them about an hour and a half. . . . We were not looking towards the window, but towards the wall. Space appeared before us, and we saw the devils coming in legions, with their leaders, who came within a few feet of us.

“They came towards us like armies rushing to battle. They appeared to be men of full stature, possessing every form of feature of men in the flesh, who were angry and desperate; and I shall never forget the vindictive malignity depicted on their countenances as they looked me in the eye; and any attempt to paint the scene which then presented itself, or portray their malice and enmity, would be vain.

“I perspired exceedingly, my clothes becoming as wet as if I had been taken out of the river. I felt excessive pain, and was in the greatest distress for some time. I cannot even look back on the scene without feelings of horror; yet by it I learned the power of the adversary, his enmity against the servants of God, and got some understanding of the invisible world.

“We distinctly heard those spirits talk and express their wrath and hellish designs against us. However, the Lord delivered us from them and blessed us exceedingly that day.” [Orson F. Whitney, Life of Heber C. Kimball (Salt Lake City: Juvenile Instructor Office, 1888), p. 143–145]

Wilford Woodruff is Attacked by and
then Rebukes the Devil in England

Orson F. Whitney (Biographer of Heber C. Kimball)

The two Apostles [Heber C. Kimball and Brigham Young] set out upon their journey on the 25th of November, 1840....

They found Brother Woodruff "well and in good spirits," but with a tale to tell of his experience since he saw them last, "whose lightest word" was well calculated to "harrow up the soul."

It will be remembered that Heber C. Kimball and his conferees, who opened the British Mission in 1837, had a terrible encounter with evil spirits on the day of the first baptisms in Preston. A similar ordeal had been experienced by Apostle Woodruff on the night of the first Sabbath after his return from Manchester.

He and Elder Smith had held a sacrament meeting that day at Father Corner's, with a few Saints who had gathered there, during which "the Spirit bore testimony that there would be a great work done in London."

Satan, it seems, was also aware of this fact, and it displeased him mightily.

That night, while lying in his bed, meditating upon the mission in that city and determining to warn its inhabitants, and "overcome the powers of darkness," a personage appeared to the Apostle Wilford whom he took to be the "Prince of darkness." "He made war with me," says the Apostle, "and attempted to take my life. As he was about to overcome me I prayed to the Father in the name of Jesus Christ for help. I then had power over him, and he left me, though much wounded. Afterwards three persons, dressed in white, came to me and administered to me, when I was immediately healed and delivered of all my troubles."

Such, in brief, was the thrilling tale told by Apostle Woodruff to his fellow servants in Christ, on their arrival in the British capital. (Orson F. Whitney, Life of Heber C. Kimball, p.297)

[Wilford Woodruff describes another instance as follows:]

Brother Kimball, Brother George A. Smith and myself had a similar experience in London, at a house where we were stopping. It seemed as if there were legions of spirits there. They sought our destruction; and on one occasion, after Brother Kimball had left, these powers of darkness fell upon us to destroy our lives, and both Brother Smith and myself would have been killed, apparently, had not three holy messengers come into the room and filled the room with light. They were dressed in temple clothing. They laid their hands upon our heads and we were delivered, and that power was broken, so far as we were concerned. Why did the Lord send these men to us? Because we could not have lived without it; and, as a general thing, angels do not administer to anybody on the earth unless it is to preserve the lives of good men, or to bring the Gospel, or perform a work that men cannot do for themselves.... Lucifer may appear to man in the capacity of an angel of light; but there is no deception with the Holy Ghost. We do not particularly need the administration of angels unless we are in a condition similar to that in which Brother Kimball, Brother Smith and myself were placed, when we could not save our lives without them. (Collected Discourses, edited by Brian H. Stuy, 5 vols. (Burbank, California, and Woodland Hills, Utah: B. H. S. Publishing, 1987-92), 1:218)

And "you know who", is not pleased about Temple Work as well. Satan and the Logan Temple President.

Temple President Merrill encounters the Devil, who threatens to stop the temple work from being done.

(Excerpt from "Logan Temple: The First 100 Years)

Logan Temple President Marriner W. Merrill was sitting in his office one morning in the early 1890's when he heard a commotion outside. Stepping to the window, he saw a great congregation of people coming up the temple hill, some on foot, and others on horseback and in carriages. President Merrill's first thought was, "What will we do with so many people? If we fill every room in the temple, it will not begin to hold them all."

The riders tied their horses up at the hitching posts or turned them loose on the temple corrals, and walked complacently about the front grounds, without seeming to have much purpose in mind. They were rather an odd looking group, and were dressed quite shabbily.

They made no effort to enter the temple, so President Merrill went out to greet them and see what he could do for the group. He said to their leader: "Who are you, and who are these people who have taken possession of the temple grounds unannounced?"

He answered: "I am Satan, and these are my people." Brother Merrill asked: "What do you want, and why have you come here?" Satan replied: "I don't like what is being done in the Logan Temple and have come to stop it." That was a bit of a shock to President Merrill, and he answered: "No, we will not stop it. This is the work of the Lord and must go on. You know that you or any one else can not stop the work of the Lord."

"If you refuse to stop it, I will tell you what I propose to do," the adversary said. "I will scatter this congregation of people throughout these valleys, and we will keep people from coming to the temple. We will whisper in their ears and discourage them from attending the temple. This will stop your temple work."

President Merrill then used the power of his priesthood and commanded Satan and his followers to depart from holy ground. He said that within four or five minutes there was not a person, horse or buggy in sight. They just disappeared into thin air and were gone.

Then for the next ten or twelve years we could have closed the Logan Temple, for very little work was accomplished. In one full year, the number of endowments done totaled only 5,121, while in our day we have done, 3,064 in one day. Where all ordinances for the year equaled but 20,110, today we have done 15,456 in one day, and a total of 1,808,265 for the full year.

Christian L. Olsen lived only a half mile from the temple, and he said any time he said out loud that he was going to the temple, something happened to keep him away. One evening he said to the boys: "Tomorrow we will finish grinding out molasses, and then I'd like to spend a week in the temple." The mill was operating perfectly that evening, but the next morning the main wheel was broken. The more they repaired the machine, the more things broke and went wrong with it. He finally spent the full week making repairs so the only day's grind of molasses could be completed. He did not get to spend the week in the temple.

Another time when he planned a day in the temple, he got up to milk his cows and the corral gate was open. He spent the day hunting the cows in the west fields. Still another time, the corral gate was open again and the horses were gone. It took two days to find them in Logan Canyon. He said: "Anytime I wanted to go to the temple, I soon learned that I could not say it out loud. I got up, milked my cows, set the bucket down and ran. And then I could get there without any trouble."

Eight girls left Garland in a white top buggy one morning at 4am, to do baptisms in the temple. Just as they arrived on the west mountain where they could see the temple, a wheel came off the buggy. Before they reached Logan, they had had trouble with all four wheels, a hame strap had broken, the yoke came apart, and there was one delay after another every few minutes. They finally reached Logan at 5pm, after the baptisms were done and the font had been emptied. Some of the men were still there, the font was refilled, and the girls were baptized. They said that Satan followed them all the way to Logan that day.

The evil one's power and influence are real. He knows the value of temple work and would do anything in his power to keep people away. But he failed to recognize the faithfulness and devotion of the Saints in this area, for they were not easily discouraged.

Supporting Statements
Rudger Clawson

On one occasion I heard the late Apostle Marriner W. Merrill, President of the Logan Temple, relate this extraordinary incident:

He was sitting in his office one morning, he said, when he noticed from the window a company of people coming up the hill to the Temple. As they entered the Temple grounds they presented rather a strange appearance, not only in dress but in their mode of travel. Some were riding on horses, others were in conveyances, and still others were afoot. He wondered who they could be as he was not looking for a company of such size that particular morning. They dismounted from their horses, stepped down from their conveyances, put their animals under the shade and walked about complacently as if they had a perfect right to be there.

A little later a person unknown to Brother Merrill entered the room. Brother Merrill said to him: “Who are you and who are these people who have come up and taken possession of the Temple grounds unannounced?” He answered and said: “I am Satan and these are my people.” Brother Merrill then said: “What do you want? Why have you come here?” Satan replied: “I don’t like the work that is going on in this Temple and feel that it should be discontinued. Will you stop it?” Brother Merrill answered and said emphatically, “No, we will not stop it. The work must go on.” “Since you refuse to stop it, I will tell you what I propose to do,” the adversary said. “I will take these people, my followers, and distribute them throughout this Temple district, and will instruct them to whisper in the ears of people, persuading them not to go to the Temple, and thus bring about a cessation of your Temple work.” Satan then withdrew.

President Merrill, commenting on this strange interview with the Evil One, said that for quite a period of time the spirit of indifference to Temple work seemed to take possession of the people and very few came to the House of the Lord. The presumption was that Satan had carried out his threat which caused a temporary lull in Temple work.

It is not to be wondered at that Satan, who is the enemy of all righteousness, is displeased with Temple work. 2


Joseph F. Smith, From Prophet to Son: Advice of Joseph F. Smith to His Missionary Sons, compiled by Hyrum M. Smith III and Scott G. Kenney [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1981], 70 ↩
Rudger Clawson: [Church Section, The Deseret News, Dec. 12, 1936, Vol. 344, No. 61]

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Re: Miracles at the Logan LDS Temple

Post by the-cripple » Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:13 pm

Brother Roskelley was in his early teen's when first baptized, and the only member in his family. Several years later, he crossed the Atlantic to gather with the saints. A very interesting story follows.
Brother Samuel Roskelley, recorder of the Logan temple, relates that in early days the United States Marshals were making lots of trouble for the Mormons, and were conducting "polygamy raids" to pick up the men who had more than one wife.
Two deputy marshals arrived at the temple door one day to find it locked so they could not gain entrance. Brother Roskelley went out to talk to them. They were told that there were no records available to show them. Brother Roskelley told them good bye and locked the door. The lawmen knew that polygamous marriages were being performed and did not like being denied access to the records. They immediately wired for help, and the next day the head United States Marshal for Utah, and a whole posse of deputies arrived. This time they demanded, in the name of the United States Government, that the records be given to them. They were again told that no records were available. The marshal then said: "We know you are doing polygamous marriages and that these records are available. We know you have them, and we are going to have them. We will burn the temple down or even destroy it entirely but what you comply with our request." The Recorder told them goodbye and locked the door on them again.
Brother Roskelley was very worried and spent the next eight or ten hours in constant prayer, asking the Lord to help him preserve the records, that no harm should come to him or to the people concerned, and that the temple records should not fall into the hands of the United States Marshals. He went out under cover of darkness to visit families in the Seventh Ward area. He was up well before daybreak the next morning, dressed in his oldest clothes, put a corn cob pipe in his mouth, and axe on his shoulder as if he were going to the canyon to work, and walked up the middle of the road whistling a happy tune. As he walked towards the temple and crossed a bridge, two men stepped out to stop him. He immediately struck a match to light his pipe, which had nothing in it, said "Good Morning" and walked on past the men. Evidently they supposed he was not a Mormon polygamist, but just a woodcutter going to the canyon.
When Brother Roskelley reached the front door of the temple, there stood two giant men dressed in complete armor with head dress, breast plate, spears and full regalia. They gave him a friendly nod as he passed, unlocked the door and entered the temple. As he neared his office, there stood two more large men dressed in full armor And as he went to the record vaults on the third floor, he came to two other huge men, both dressed in full armor.
As soon as he was sure the records were safe, he asked who they were. They told him: "We are Nephite Warriors, and we are here in answer to your prayers." They told him not to worry, that they would not allow the temple to be injured or the records to be destroyed in any way.
When Brother Roskelley related the incident to President Taylor, he was told that they were, indeed, Nephite soldiers, and that this was no the first time they had been assigned to protect the temple and its people.
Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary

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Re: Miracles at the Logan LDS Temple

Post by neighbor » Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:04 pm

Wilford Woodruff speaks at the Logan Temple

Wilford Woodruff:
On 21 August 1863, the Saints had gathered in Logan, Utah to welcome President Brigham Young and others of the Church authorities. The next day, President Young asked Wilford Woodruff to address the congregation.
Yea, the day will come, after your fathers, and these prophets and apostles are dead, you will have the privilege of going into the towers of a glorious Temple built unto the name of the Most High (pointing in the direction of the bench), east of us upon the Logan bench; and while you stand in the towers of the Temple and your eyes survey this glorious valley filled with cities and villages, occupied by tens of thousands of Latter-day Saints, you will then call to mind this visitation of President Young and his company. You will say: That was in the days when Presidents Benson and Maughan presided over us; that was before New York was destroyed by an earthquake; it was before Boston was swept into the sea, by the sea heaving itself beyond its bounds; it was before Albany was destroyed by fire; yea, at that time you will remember the scenes of this day. Treasure them up and forget them not. President Young followed and said: "What Brother Woodruff has said is revelation and will be fulfilled". (Deseret News, Vol. 33, page 678)

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