Native American prophecy from The Mentinah Archives circa 1500 A.D.

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Native American prophecy from The Mentinah Archives circa 1500 A.D.

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The Mentinah Archives
Volume One thru Nine
(As of Jan. 12, 2011)
The Nemenhah
Begin on page 1007:

15. For I had been taken upon a journey and up into a high
mountain without any trees thereon. And the Peacemaker is He
who guided me to the place. And in the place there was a circlet of
stones, and it was like unto those which we use to track the
motions of the moon and stars. And He did sit down upon the
center stone and I upon the ground before Him, and He told me
somewhat more of the things that should shortly come to pass in
the forests and hills which we had determined to reclaim as our

16. But behold, He did not dwell overmuch upon that which must
surely come upon my own village, but He did speak of the great

and marvelous things which would come to pass in the last days of

the Gentiles, after that they should come into the land to possess it
for their own. And these are the words He spake concerning those
17. Behold, thou knowest that the Gentiles come, for even I have
instructed you upon these matters and the Spirit bareth record.
But I have withheld the knowledge of the restoration of all things
from you, excepting that such a restoration should surely come to
pass, and that thou and thy people shouldst
always remain in a state of thanksgiving because of it.
Nevertheless, thou knowest that I have not instructed thee in my
purpose, nor either in the manner in which I shall bring it about.
18. But thy offering this day is acceptable unto me, and that Man
of Holiness and that Mother of all Living whom we praise and
honor as our Heavenly Parents, for such They are indeed, even
They do move upon me to make for thee a more clear
understanding. Wherefore shall this baptism be a greater token for
19. Behold, thou knowest that the Gentile shall come into this land
and find it emptied of people. Yea, there shall be but a tiny
Remnant of the people that once inhabited the land and they shall
look upon you as ignorant and beastly children. Even they shall
take it upon themselves to be your parents and teach you in their
civilized ways. But behold, their teachings shall be all extortion
and violence, but all the children of Lehi shall succumb and be
treated with such counsel. And they shall be trodden and
despoiled. Yea, they shall be all but extinguished, but for a few
here and a few there, they shall be done away. And the traditions
and beliefs of their fathers shall sleep for a season.
20. And they shall build up a nation and an empire, for in the
beginning they shall have mine approval and my blessings shall
lay heavily upon them. For behold, I have a task that only they
may accomplish, yea, and a purpose which only they may fulfill.
Wherefore, I shall suffer them for a season.
21. And they shall spread out upon all the face of the land, even as
the Nemenhah did spread out and cover the land in the days of
their stewardship. And the cities of the Gentiles shall be large and
their dwellings shall be spacious. And they shall so seek after gain
that there shall be poor in every city and the beggars shall starve
in every byway. And behold, the cities shall not think to support
themselves and the people shall cause that the whole world shall
be put to labor to support them. And because of this, they shall
esteem themselves to be the masters of the Earth and all Her
22. But behold and bare thou a record, the Earth is Her own
mistress and lacketh nothing. She doth measure out Her own
dowry and Her cupboard is never bare. She decideth the times and
the seasons according unto that which was established in the first
day of Her creation. No man hath power to change one small thing
that was decided upon that day.
23. And notwithstanding the Gentile shall build up his sturdy
house upon the rocks of the seashore, nevertheless, the Earth in
Her pleasure shall throw the whole ocean upon it, and shall it
stand? I say unto thee, Nay! Or shall it stand, even so shall it be
swallowed, so let it stand upon the bottom of the sea. And he
buildeth whole cities along the shores of the sea, the same shall be
their fate. For
behold, the Earth shall throw up the smallest bit of water and it
ruineth all the cities of the Gentiles. How much greater shall be
the ruin should She throw the whole sea upon them? But behold,
the Gentile puffeth himself up and relieth upon the arm of his own
flesh. Wherefore, because of his great pride, the Earth hath no
need of great demolitions, but a span or two shall sink the cities of
the Gentiles and the people shall be put to a great flight.
24. Yea, so great shall be the pride in the hearts of the Gentiles in
the days of their discomfort that they shall not even look into the
books of their own history and see the folly of their custom. Nay,
they turneth not the head from side to side to look at the world as
it verily is, but stiffening the neck and bowing the back, they
march headlong into destruction with the discipline of a finely
tuned army.
25. Nay, wonder not at all that I shall have chosen such to fulfill
my mighty purpose, for behold, it is this same pride of which I
shall make good advantage. Yea, with the same dedication with
which they march into their own disruption shall they also spread
word of greater things to come and of a restoration which they
shall think they had already accomplished, but that they shall only
be preparing. Yea, like John in the wilderness, I shall utilize them
to prepare a way for greater things to come.
26. But ere that restoration come to pass, they shall very nearly be
the ruin of all the land. Yea, the Earth suffocateth under their
stewardship and the air hangeth heavy. Surely the Destroyer
traverseth to and fro, and none escapeth the scythe and the sickle
in those days.
27. In one year the rivers overflow and the next they dry up. In one
year the corn sprouteth in abundance but lack at harvest, while
the next it sprouteth not at all. And upon coasts of the West Sea
the rain refuseth, while upon the East snow! But then the leaf
drieth up and the tree dieth. All nature shall be in commotion
because of the pride of the Gentiles!
28. And in his awful pride, the Gentile thinketh in his heart, here
is a crisis most dire, but I shall repair it! Yea, none but the mighty
can restore it, wherefore, it is my task, for am I not mighty? Am I
not wise in all the ways of the world? Then who could be so
competent as myself to restore all these things as they were in the
day of my great comfort?
29. And he goeth to work directing people to move hither and
thither, counting them and taxing them as they go, that he might
have all things as they once were. And the people shall perish
because of his policy, but he doth not see it. And behold, all the
people shall do as he commandeth, braying as they go, but go
nonetheless they shall. All save a small Remnant walketh to and
fro braying. These same looketh up into heaven and curseth
because of their lack. Of such is the pride and the folly of the
Gentile in the last days, even the fullness of the
1010 times of the Gentiles. But the Remnant looketh up into
heaven and are full of praise and thanksgiving, even in adversity.
30. Yea, out of thy loins shall spring a Remnant that shall do not
foolish things to call themselves wise. They think not about all the
comfort that once was, but of the abundance that existeth in the
good day in which I do place them. They perceive with eyes wide
open and strive to provide for themselves and for their neighbor.
And, what is more, in their striving they seek not to hurt the
Earth, but to replenish Her according as I have commanded. They
shall be blessed, for, whereas the Gentile seeth only his lack, the
Remnant standeth in full view of the abundance of the Earth. It is
a blessed generation that standeth in holy places in those days!
31. Wherefore, be thou of very great cheer! Yea, rejoice thou in thy
posterity! For they raise up that generation which seeth the Lord
and walketh with Him face to face, as one man walketh with
another. And they talk with the Master even as one man talketh
unto another. I shall make mine abode with them and I shall not
hesitate to call them my friends! And what is there in this that
bringeth not joy into the hearts of their fathers and comfort into
the hearts of their mothers?
32. And the man of God is easily distinguished in those days. Yea,
he puffeth not himself up, and the woman is not haughty. The
husband abuseth not his privilege and the wife is equitable. The
husbandman tilleth without extortion and the artisan seeketh not
to abase his fellow. In council they are not prideful and in policy
they serve each other equally without division.
33. And they have all things in common, but they esteem not
riches. Wherefore, there are no beggars among the Remnant. But
behold, they long since ceased all contention concerning the
foundation, for they walk with me and they talk with me.
Wherefore, wherein might contention arise? And because they
walk with me and talk with me, there is not one that standeth
above another in rank, or file, or authority. Behold, the Remnant
doth choose Councils for governance and for policy, but there is
none among them that riseth up above another.
34. And here is another sign unto thee, that the times of which I
speak hath surely come; behold, the Remnant shall consecrate
their time, talents, and their surplus unto me, yea, and they shall
make their hands and feet holy. But this doth not mean that they
take all that they have and surrender it up to some steward. Nay,
but they are the stewards and need not such regulation. And
behold, this is the right way.
35. And many in that day contesteth, saying:
36. Behold! They follow not this Order or that Order, wherefore,
they cannot be the people of the Lord. But I say unto thee, they
who say such things need only look to my own record and study my
teachings and they shall see things differently. For, when I was on
the Mount and taught many people, behold the day extended and
they did hunger and thirst. And I asked of my disciples what there
was to eat, and there were some loaves and but a few fishes. And
when I did begin to break bread, behold all the people come forth
with the little that they had with them and we did break together.
And when we had all thus supped of the surplus, there was yet a
surplus, and this was deemed a miracle, for so it was!
37. But come, let us reason together. Did I ask of the people to
bring all that they had with them and add it with our own? I did
not. Did they give up their oxen and their asses? Did they render
unto me, or to some steward, their houses and their goods? Nay!
But they stepped forward with that surplus which they had with
them and together all our bellies were filled. Behold, let this be a
sign unto thee that the times of which I speak have surely come at
last, and that I am at work bringing about the restoration of all
38. And the Remnant debateth not doctrine and constraineth no
man to believe this way or that way. Behold, they shall not argue
over the purity, but all shall receive my doctrine from me and
confirm it by the Holy Ghost. And no man judgeth the pure from
the impure, nay, nor the worthy from the unworthy. For the
Father hath given all judgment unto me, wherefore, how judgeth
man his neighbor? But each man judgeth in his own heart that
which he doeth, and constraineth none to do likewise. This shall
also be a sign of such times. For behold, it is the Gentile that
seeketh that all men believe as he believeth, but not so the
Remnant. Yea, though he preacheth and teacheth, though he
expoundeth and exhorteth, yet the Remnant constraineth not, nor
preventeth. For behold, he knoweth not all things, as I do.
Wherefore, he leaveth judgment unto He who is mighty to judge.
39. And sin shall not be done away, but the pure in heart doth
always avoid it. And when, perchance, he doth fall into sin, behold,
he repenteth speedily. And if he repenteth not, he is not of the
Remnant, and surely you may know it.
40. And they marry in my name and the man covenanteth with me
to make it a holy union. Yea, they make alliance, and the woman
convenanteth with me to sanctify it. And the man and the woman
are faithful to their covenant, for it is my covenant of marriage.
And if they remain faithful to that covenant I shall make their
union lasting, even as the Father and the Mother have made their
union lasting.
41. And they beget sons and daughters and consecrate them unto
me with an holy ordinance. Yea, and I do visit blessings upon all
who doeth this thing in my
name. For, though the child belongeth unto the parent for a
season, even so, if the parent offereth up the child, that I might
make a holy adoption, I shall cause that they shall have
association together for all eternity. For behold, all they who
believe on me hath the Father given unto me. Wherefore are we all
one relation which doth stand for time, as also for eternity – worlds
without end.
42. And they shall baptize in my name, having the Holy Ghost to
accompany them. And this baptism shall be by the baptism of
John, even the baptism by emersion. Or it shall be by the Baptism
of the Ammonihah, even the baptism of Itsipi, which is acceptable
to me. Yea, they baptize when the age of accountability is reached,
wherein the man or the woman knoweth my will, that they might
take upon them my name and become mine indeed. And they shall
also baptize in order that they may emulate that sacrifice which I
have made for them. Behold, this is my church, all my relations.
And they do baptize again whenever the Spirit doth manifest. And
they do baptize again when they receive of me my commission.
And, in fine, they do baptize often and for diverse reasons and
purposes, but all these purposes are in me and for my name‟s
43. Yea, the Remnant walk the earth and their walk and talk is
made holy by the Peacemaker whose spirit they carry within them.
And the Holy Ghost shall be their constant guide and companion,
confirming in them all that is right and true. Wherefore, they have
both that same comforter which the Father gave after that I
departed out of the midst of the people, and also they have the
Second Comforter, which is a restoration into my presence.
44. Behold, the Remnant supporteth their relations and upholdeth
they whom I have called to serve me in my purposes. And when
they are constrained to commerce, all their business is done in
honesty of heart and cheerfulness of spirit. And this is their
comportment when they are constrained to commerce. But when
they are at home with their relations, behold, they make no
commerce at all, but give freely of their substance, receiving
gratefully again. This shall be that which the world shall look upon
with distrust, and the wise man calleth it peculiar. Nevertheless, it
is my way and they shall walk in my paths.
45. Yea, they shall restore the High Place and there shall stand
once again a Kohath at the door of mine holy house, that a living
sacrifice may be made again. Yea, and they shall prepare the
hearts of the children to receive again of the hearts of the fathers,
wherefore, the Earth shall not be wasted at my coming. Yea,
through thy descendents, and those of thy fellows, even the
Remnant of the house and family of Lehi left in the land, I shall
restore the Sons and Daughters of Levi to their legal and rightful
bishopric, and their sacrifice shall be acceptable before me.
46. And they shall begin again to observe the ordinances of the
High Place, and they shall institute Shabboth in my name. Yea,
they shall celebrate again that good news which I shall bring up
into their hearts, and they shall sing a new song. And behold, my
holy house shall once again be a happy house, and one full of
praise and thanksgiving. Behold, their joy shall be my joy and I
shall not prevent them.
47. And if thou remainest faithful in the good day in which I have
placed thee, unto thee shall I grant that thou mayest see the
doings of thy children, even that faithful Remnant, and even thou
shalt walk and talk with them from time to time to instruct them.
Wherefore, blessed art thou, my servant Eapalekthiloom, for thou
shalt be remembered in that day and thy doings shall be an
ensample unto the Remnant. Yea, and I shall cause that thy name
shall be given again unto my servants in that day, as a
remembrance of thee.
48. Yea, it may even be said in those days that the restoration
could not come, save that the Remnant return again unto their
fathers. And they shall look upon the vistas of time, for I shall go
before them, and they shall see thy day, Eapalekthiloom, and
because of it they shall bring again a blessed time. And behold,
even though their numbers may be few, yet shall I rejoice in the
restoration of all things that all come because of their faithfulness.
49. Wherefore, seest thou how great a blessing shall come into the
world because of thy diligence? For, were it not for the record that
thou shalt make of thy doings, and also the many records which I
shall cause to fall into the hands of my servants in those days,
there could never be a restoration. Therefore, lift up thine eyes and
be cheerful. For out of thy loins shall spring a fruitful bough, as
Joseph of old. And out of thy posterity shall a blessing come upon
all the Earth. Amen.
50. And when all were baptized, behold, the Holy Ghost did come
in upon us all and we were filled with joy. And many did break
forth in marvelous songs and exclamations. And still others spoke
in strange tongues, while still others did interpret for them. And
others lifted up their eyes unto heaven and saw wondrous things.
And many sang and danced because of their joy.
51. And I did take each of them and I did touch them and pray
with them. Yea, and I did share much Sacred Breath with them.
And with ceremony I did set them apart, laying hands upon them
and pronouncing upon them such things the Holy Ghost did give
me for utterance. For the Holy Ghost did come again into them to
be their companion, wherefore, the things I spake unto them were
confirmed in them even as I did speak them.
52. And I did organize them that each Lodge might have its own
Peli. And I did also make some teachers and some administrators
according to their talents.
1014 And in this way did I organize the Peli into a body of elders
and teachers for the benefit of the people. Yea, and it was done in a
manner most pleasing unto our Maker. And this we were all sure
of because of the manifestations and gifts of the Spirit which did
testify of the rightness of our pursuit.
53. Yea, there was no great or wise man to tell us that we did
rightly, only the Holy Ghost and the manifestations and gifts of the
Spirit. But we are confident in all that we accomplished in the
name of the Peacemaker in the day that we did re­establish His
ways among our own people. ... a-1500-a-d

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Re: Native American prophecy from The Mentinah Archives circa 1500 A.D.

Post by Floyd » Wed Mar 06, 2019 12:23 pm

There are many Native American prophecies that for whatever reason become forgotten or set aside. An entire thread could be dedicated to Native American prophecy alone.

“In the Lakota and Cherokee way of life, Wakan Tanka… is the term for "the sacred" or "the divine". This is usually translated as "The Great Spirit". However, according to Russell Means, its meaning is closer to "Great Mystery" as Lakota spirituality is not henotheistic. Before their attempted conversion to Christianity, the Sioux used [Wakan Tanka] to refer to an organization of sacred entities whose ways were mysterious: thus, "The Great Mystery". It would seem to appear that they had already, with consideration of their culture, been Christianized by Jesus the Christ Himself and that it had begun at the beginning of Jesus' 40 days after His Resurrection...” ... n-god.html

“The Chippewa remember very well the "pale Great Master." They tell how He gave them medicine lodges where the signs and emblems are secret and taken from those across the ocean. And according to the author, they keep this secret to this day.”

https://thiscountsashometeaching.blogsp ... rists.html

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