Understanding Freedom

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Understanding Freedom

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With less than one percent of public school teachers having ever read the Constitution, and only a small portion of those that honor it, it is not surprising that public schools do not even know, let alone teach the principles and values that made the United States great in the first place. With a large percentage of church goers, particularlt Latter-day Saints, that have internalized the Satanic values of Lucifer and promoting or at least agreeing with allowing criminals to enter this country, the United States no longer has a majority of citizens that care about truth and freedom. In fact, one of the main reasons that the evil democrats want to allow criminal invaders to become citizens and receive welfare and food stamps in order to bankrupt the nation is that these criminals have been breaking the law for decades. In other words, people that have been robbing banks or killing people for only a week or so should be prosecuted, but criminals that have been stealing from our treasury, defacing public and private property, and committing treasonist acts for decades have grown accustomed to being a criminal and so democrats do not want them to be separated from their families by being deported or going to jail, because it may disrupt their lifestyle. So one has to wonder if there is even a single reason for even one democrat to live? Certainly, the democratic party is the largest attacker on freedom that has ever been. One would do well to read this following article:


1. Individual Liberty: While the US constitution does not specifically defend the full range of individual rights, no other legal system has ever come as close to safeguarding them as this product of the 18th century. The main thrust of attack has been to use a provoked and somewhat phony war on terror to justify the diminution of rights spelled out in the first 10 amendments to the constitution:
a. Right to a Speedy Trial by a Jury of One’s Peers. The speedy trial provision was successfully denied a US citizen (Jose Padilla) under the excuse that since he hadn’t been charged with a crime, the speedy trial clock doesn’t apply yet—essentially justifying indefinite detention as long as no charges are filed. The jury trial of one’s peers has become a hollow principle through arbitrary jury selection rules, and judicial limits on who merits a jury trial. Judicial rules have also mandated that a jury abide by a judge’s instructions to the jury, essentially denying the long traditional role of juries to judge both the facts and whether the law is just or applied equitably to the circumstances.

b. Habeas Corpus: The right to force government to “produce the body” of the accused and show cause why he or she is being held. This right protects against indefinite detention without charge. It was reduced to a near meaningless state by the NDAA provision granting government the permissive power to arrest and hold indefinitely anyone merely suspected of being a terrorist or enemy of the US government.

c. Due Process: The 14th Amendment prohibited arbitrary government actions that did not follow due process requirements of the law. Executive departments like the EPA and FDA have taken upon themselves arbitrary powers that can condemn property or individual health supplements without due process. Due process is not a sure defense against the erosion of liberty, only that the bureaucrats must follow the law. When the law becomes evil, liberty is lost even under due process. All that due process demands is that takings or restrictions be open and lawful—which tyranny is many times loath to allow.

2. Freedom of Contract and Personal Judgments: this right is the essence of the Free Market—the right to make voluntary agreements with others as long as the rights of others are not threatened. The right to judge people or products as good or bad or in between is also essential to liberty. Laws restricting your right to know about dangerous product content such as pesticides, preservatives or GMO ingredients are a violation of your right to know. Anti-discrimination laws which preclude you from making a decision about associating in business and commerce with “protected minorities” (which now includes homosexuals, and transsexuals in some areas) —even on your own property—is a violation of your right of association and disassociation. It started with the Civil Rights Act which deemed any private home or business open to the general public as a public business—not private.

3. Property Rights possessed by individuals:
A lot of individual rights are tied to private property—free speech, religion, privacy, association and contracts, personal corruption, etc. The concept is that you can do anything on your own property as long as you not are adversely affecting the legitimate rights of others on their property. It’s a natural law of separating competing interests when mutual agreement can’t be reached. Property rights are the target of sustainable development controls (Agenda 21), statewide land-use planning, environmental protection, excessive water controls and property taxes for things not associated with the defense of property (schools, etc).

4. Individual Right to Self-Defense against Crime AND Tyranny: The Constitution’s Second Amendment is an individual right, but was coupled with the concept of a militia to ensure that this right shall not be interpreted as a mere extension of hunting or self-defense rights—but also the right of individuals to engage in the defense of the nation when under threat of tyranny. That’s why the possession of military grade weapons is part of that right.
The globalists are fully aware that any right enshrined in constitutional language is extremely difficult to overcome. That is why they engage in constant attempts to turn voters against gun rights by creating false flag attacks on innocent citizens and even young children.

5. Right to Worship God According to the Dictates of Individual Conscience: The attack on individual rights also targets true religion not only because religious expression is a natural right but that this conspiracy is ultimately satanic in nature, and hostile to God. The First Amendment prohibition against the establishment of religion by government is a one-way separation. It prohibits government from dictating, restricting or attempting to influence religion, but it doesn’t prohibit religious influence in government as long as that influence is merely that of an individual or group expressing their individual or combined rights of expression. Religious expression is just as valid relative to government as a political party. While the government rightfully prohibits general tax funds from being used to promulgate specific religious values, it has wrongfully prohibited individuals from expressing and promoting religious values in the public arena, including schools.

Public schooling is a particular problem in liberty because it has a wrongful monopoly on tax funds, which cannot rightfully be used to promote values that are not uniformly acceptable to all taxpayers—lest a minority always feel their funds have been misused and work against their beliefs. That is why the real solution to public school restrictions on religion is to strip public schools of their monopoly on taxes and turn them into schools supported only by user fees of those who attend. All other non users are free to take their money where their particular values are supported—end of problem. Of course, supporters of public schools would quickly find they can’t afford to pay for the lavish buildings furnished by taking money from everyone.

6. Right of a Free Press: The free sharing of information and the exposing of error are essential purposes that must be protected by law. The globalists took control of the private press by buying them out over a 50 year period and replacing partisan editors with establishment hacks. All that was legal, even though prejudicial to the full exposition of truth.
Now, with the rise of the internet, the world has never had greater liberty to publish anti-government criticism with little cost. That is why, in the name of protecting against copyright infringement and child pornography the internet is being targeted for strict controls with draconian powers to shut down sites critical of government on a variety of pretexts.

7. Right of Free Speech: Free speech is an extension of private property rights and the right of contract. You don’t have the right to say anything you want or broadcast your views on another’s property except by permission, but the constitution’s founding fathers wanted to especially protect the right to speak out publically against tyranny and to be able to criticize government and expose illegal government activities. While our government has paid lip service to the right to petition the government for redress of grievances, those petitions are hardly ever heard—especially by elected representatives.
Even worse is the treatment of whistleblowers exposing illegal black operations by the CIA, DEA, NSA, FEMA, DHS, or the military. Although officially protected by law, the government has consistently failed to stop harassment and prosecution of whistleblowers.

8. Right to Privacy: While there is no stated right to privacy in the constitution, it is assumed under the strict 4th Amendment prohibition against warrantless searches of private property, papers or one’s person. Whistleblowers have detailed how the NSA spies on every means of electronic communication—telephone, email, and radio. Worse, judges are in collusion with government on this and routinely deny any legal challenges to the claimed executive State Privilege. I will state it openly: government isn’t spying to protect us from crime or terror. They are spying to track dissidents and critics.

9: Freedom of Movement:
The freedom to travel freely and change locations at will is essential to taking advantage of state and national differences that may provide different levels of opportunity and protection of rights. Competing governments create different levels of personal freedom, rules and taxation. Thus, being able to “vote with your feet” is essential to liberty, and globalists don’t want people to have a wide variety of choice. They have conjured up threats of terror to justify draconian travel restrictions controls by the TSA. This has become a key element in restricting this freedom of movement and converting it into a government privilege “by permission” only.
In contrast, the globalists in both the US and Europe have continued to foment free movement for foreign nationals, and failed to effective prosecute illegal aliens, so that there exists a continual flood of counter-western culture moving into traditional Caucasian nations and diluting western values. The end result is increased conflict between non-compatible cultures.

10. National Sovereignty: More and more children are being indoctrinated with the notion of being “citizens of the world” rather than being proud of national citizenship. Technically, there is nothing wrong with a world federation of sovereign nations as long as proper constitutional limits protect individual, state and national sovereignty within their respective territories, with clear lines of demarcation between jurisdiction and powers. Sadly, since the US Constitution of 1787 virtually every constitution written for emerging nations and regional governments have institutionalized socialism and only given conflicting lip service to individual freedom.
The main attack on national sovereignty is occurring via wars of intervention, in the name of ridding the world of rogue dictators and establishing democracy. Sure, none of these nations are lead by anything but tyrants, but the West has dealt with them for decades. What we are replacing them with is just as bad, or worse. These conflicts will never be fully resolved, nor will these tribal nations ever have anything but manipulated democracies. In many cases some form of international “peacekeeping” is kept in place to maintain control—the foot in the door to world occupation.

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