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UHP isn't limited to highways

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 2:51 pm
by neighbor ... ighborhood

UHP will violate people's rights wherever they are. Long gone are the days when a person must commit a crime to be arrested. Police see the relationship between a traffic violation which could have if left unattended for several centuries actually injure someone, and arresting a man that walked past a bank for robbery. In both cases no one was injured and no crime was committed. In the case of the man arrested for bank robbery who insisted that he did not rob the bank, the police response was the exact same as the man arrested for a faulty brake light. "Well you COULD have." Even though the bank was not actually robbed. It is the intention of the UHP to be the thought police or preventative police that arrest a man because at some time in the next 50 or so years he MAY do something they don't approve of even if perfectly legal.