Child Sex Trafficking Ring in Utah

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Child Sex Trafficking Ring in Utah

Post by learning » Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:54 am

The following was posted on Facebook by a guy named Evan McMullin.

If I Die, Here's Why

Why it matters, and How You Can Help


Salt Lake City, Utah
December 28th, 2017

Near the First of the Month of December, I posted a video on Facebook in which I confessed to being a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

Also that this abuse occurred right here in Salt Lake City, and that the very people who had victimized me as a child had returned - to harass, intimidate, and, (as I now know), even attempt to kill me.

This is my life. It is not a joke.

I'd like to thank the friends, business colleagues, and even strangers who shared the video and posted it on their Facebook accounts. Your efforts have played a part in keeping me safe these last few weeks.

Over the last several days, my life has been unbelievably frightening.

While it might be comforting to tell yourself that I must be someone who is confused, paranoid, delusional, or demented, and that no such thing could possibly occur here in Utah; I'd ask that you make an effort to keep your skepticism at bay and attempt to keep an open mind.

I have no history of psychosis or mental illness. I'm not currently on any medication, and, while I am mentally and emotionally exhausted because of the events over the last Four weeks, I don't suffer from any kind of mental or emotional illness.

Every word that you're about to read is true.


It was never my intention for any part of my past to become public, as I had no desire of ever coming forward with any of this.

My childhood traumas were my cross to bear, and my burden to carry.

And had I not been pushed into a situation as dangerous as the one I'm currently in, I may have remained indefinitely silent on these issues.


And it is only because I'm terrified for my survival that you're reading this.

What's Happening

Over the last few years of my life - from my mid-to-late 30’s - I’ve been flooded with some traumatic childhood memories that have surfaced, and confirmed to me consciously what I’ve always understood at the sub-conscious, emotional level: As a child, I was sexual prey to a group of men (and some women) who are involved in what can only be described as an underground, enormously violent, child-sex-trafficking-and-child-prostitution ring.

This group operates right here in Salt Lake City, Utah, and consists of religious and political leaders. It also counts other working professionals among its ranks: doctors, lawyers, accountants, school teachers, social workers, counselors, therapists, government employees, etc.

Most of the members of this group that I'm personally aware of were leaders who were local to the neighborhood I lived in as a child.

I do know however know of some other businessmen and religious leaders who are involved.

Some of these people who abused me did so in the 1980's and 1990's. They are no longer alive.

Some now have and hold higher positions in the Mormon Church.

I will not be naming the names of any of the perpetrators that I'm aware of in this document.

The vast majority of the people within this group (although there are exceptions), give every appearance of being active LDS. They are groomed in how to successfully blend in with society: Under-cover, chameleon-like. They talk the talk and walk the walk of pious, God-fearing, devout Latter Day Saints. Many will part their hair on Sunday mornings, fervently give testimony of their belief in the truthfulness of the gospel, and go to great lengths to mark their scriptures.
They even serve missions and take on time-consuming callings within the church.

All of this is done, deliberately and methodically, so as to be in a position beyond suspicion should an allegation of sexual abuse ever occur.

Because they've demonstrated every outward appearance of piety, the perfect cover is in place.

They are beyond suspicion.

And they know that with the kinds of crimes that they're committing, their reputation is invaluable.

I cannot emphasize this enough.


I've gone my entire life with surrounded by these people - even without knowing it.

And when you get blindsided, as I did recently, you won't have seen it coming.
As a nurse who recently took my blood told me: "well now, at least, you know what's up, and you know how things are."

I hope you're a faster learner than I am.


As I mentioned above, the group operates with virtual impunity right here in Salt Lake City, along the Wasatch front, and broader Utah. I won't speculate on the numbers, but I personally believe the number of both perpetrators and victims to is much higher than most people would ever imagine.

Much of my personal story seems to revolve around money. As I've learned from my upbringing, there is an enormous amount of money in the trafficking of children, and I personally have many memories of being sold for sex to men (and some women), for cash.

I do also have a couple memories that are a kind of strange mix of occultist anti-Mormonism. I know that at least some of the members of this group in the 1980's and 1990's were and likely are still involved in occult activity.

The occult memories I have are bizarre, but I don't doubt them.

I've seen too much to think that they are anything other than what they are.

What's going on with my life? Why Do They Care About Me?

I have, for some time, known that I was a victim of this group, but simply believed I was one single victim living in a city with many others. I couldn't have imagined there was anything special about me or my life situation or my history of abuse that made me stand out in any particular way.

I had also strongly (but misguidedly) believed, that keeping silent about a lot of this was keeping me safe.

The events of the past few months have changed this.

I now understand that the group is - and has been for some time - almost neurotically obsessed with how much I know about them, and what kind of memories I've uncovered.

While I'm not currently naming any names, or interested in exposing specific individuals, I can say that some of the Men who sexually abused me were (or are) Mormon General Authorities.

That is, they previously held, or now hold, high positions of power within the Mormon Church. I am also aware of some local businessmen who are involved. These are men with an enormous amount of money and power.

It is for this reason that I believe that I am being harassed and targeted to the extent that I am.

I'd like to emphasize this:
Only a person who is utterly deranged would believe that people are after him without reason.

But I am a firsthand witness to multiple brutal, child sexual abuse crimes by local business and religious leaders here in Salt Lake City...

Only for this reason do I believe I am being targeted.

Who I am

In spite of my childhood traumas, I have tried my best to piece together a normal life for myself.

I am an Eagle Scout, a Mormon seminary graduate, and I served a mission in Madrid, Spain.

I am an active Mormon.

I love the church.

I support and sustain the brethren.

I agree with the mission of the gospel and I am proud of my mission service. I see problems in the Church but accept it as it is, warts and all. I haven't always been perfect in my testimony. I've fallen short, made mistakes, and said and done stupid things along the way.

I've even been critical of some aspects of the faith and some of the issues with our history.

But the church has always been an integral part of who I am - and always will be.

After my mission I attended school at the University of Utah. I graduated with multiple degrees and then went on to attend Law School. All this before making a transition to becoming a full-time Real Estate Investor here in Salt Lake city.
I'm far from perfect, but I've always believed in hard work and a positive attitude. I see myself as always wanting to give to others the best of myself, and loving and caring for those around me.

I think it should be stated that it is not my intention that this document be understood as criticism of the Mormon Church.

It is my belief that the sick, sociopathic individuals involved in these crimes are merely using the church as a vessel, or a medium, through which to commit their evil, and similar evils exist in other cultures as well.

Utah is not safe for children

Most of us, if we're being honest with ourselves, already know this. We've all met, known - or have even been in a relationship, with someone who has eventually come to quietly confess to being sexually abused, or, like me, been through worse.

As Mormons, we were taught to trust and love others; particularly if they talk the talk and walk the walk of active, believing Mormons. But more often than we'd like to admit, the abuser is an active member of the church.

I believe that many of us know and understand this, but choose - perhaps out of some sort of misguided belief that we may be harming the reputation of the church - to ignore the evidence, or hope that someone else will deal with the problem.

Rarely, but occasionally, someone is arrested and brought to justice.
Sadly, those stories are few and far between.

The media report as best they can, and the world gets back to business.
We are now nearing in on two decades since the Catholic Church addressed its internal issues related to child sexual abuse. Grown adults came forward, by the thousands, to name names and tell their stories.

If we are ever able to grow as a culture and address the very serious issues we have with child sexual abuse, we will have to learn how to be more critical and more discriminating.

We will need to grow up.

And until Utahns stand up against child sexual abuse, nothing will change.
When will we finally begin to speak up about child sexual abuse in Utah?

Access to Drugs

I'd like to get this out of the way here...

In my first online Facebook video, I mention that I was trafficked as a child, and that the men who got away with it were able to do so because of "the techniques that the group used."

I believe this deserves some clarification.

This was a reference to the way in which the group uses drugs to get away with crimes.

This group has access to a variety of sedatives and other narcotics, which they used on me, and which they also use liberally on other victims.

How they get access to these drugs is beyond me. I don't know how or in what way these drugs are controlled, I only know that they have and use them.

I have memories of being dosed with the "date rape" drug, Ruhipinol.

I know the effects on the body.

I've experienced this several times.

I have other memories of being drugged after being sexually abused. That is, men would sexually assault me - gang rape me even - and then give me an injection of a liquid in my arm or in my neck. I don't know what this liquid was, obviously. These events occurred years ago, and I'm not a medical doctor.

But I do know the effect this drug had on my body.

Within a few mere seconds, I would black out.

When I would wake the next morning, I'd have no conscious memory of the traumatic event.



First off, again, I recognize that what you’re about to read, you may do so with a degree of skepticism. You will want to tell yourself that something so enormously evil and so sinister can exist in right here within the believed-to-be-safe-confines of Salt Lake City, or within greater Utah.

You will want to believe that I’m exaggerating, or that I’m somehow emotionally ill or misguided.

Again, I understand this instinct, and I would ask you to fight against it.

My story could actually have been much worse, and without revealing too much about my childhood and those who surrounded me, I can tell you that as a child, there were some people who were safe to me, and others who were not. This made constant access to my person much more difficult.

I know of many other friends who have endured circumstances much worse than the ones I lived through.

They are, as adults, not human beings I want to be around.


I was raised in a lower-to-middle-class neighborhood in East Salt Lake City. The geographic boundaries of my Stake (for those familiar with Salt Lake,) ranged from 700 East to 1300 East, and from 500 South to about 1300 South.

By the mid 1980's and 1990's, when I was a child in this area, only one in about every 15 homes in my neighborhood was active LDS (Mormon). Each ward was a tight knit group. We were all friends, and all knew of and engaged with each other.

I now understand something about this area that I didn't as a child - that it was inundated with and controlled by a vicious, underground, child-sex-prostitution and-child-pornography-ring.

Predators frequently sought out positions of power within the Mormon church.

Many of the predatory men who were involved in this group were bishops, counselors, teachers, boy scout leaders, or other individuals with influence in the neighborhood - few seemed to be lay members or mere congregationists.

Much of this child abuse was generational. With parents abusing children and Grandchildren, etc. Parents coach their own children on how to best befriend other children with the intention of getting access to them for sexual exploitation.

There is a lot of money in child prostitution and child pornography.

I also believe that the families within our geographic boundary were starkly divided into victims and predators. If you were born into a family of predators, you were to be sexually abused and indoctrinated into this group by your own parents. How adults whose every normal instinct - to protect and defend their offspring - can be turned on its head in this way is beyond me. These children existed, not as human beings, but as vessels whose entire life purpose is to aide and abet the crimes of their parents.

I know that this sounds like science fiction, but this is what was, and is, happening in Utah.

I've lost many friends to this group, simply because of who they are as adults, and because of the family they were born into.

In my neighborhood, either you were part of the "in-the-know" crowd, and you understood the score, or you were kept out of the loop, destined to be victimized.

What's Going On With Me?

I am currently being harassed, monitored, intimidated, and surveilled by those who sexually abused me as a child. I have been forced out of my house and am now at a townhouse in Murray.

I get threatening phone calls: "hey, saw your Facebook Post, stay safe... stay safe." People message me on Facebook with scripted posts about how to keep calm and breathe should I be alone when I have a Heart Attack.

When I approach my Sugarhouse bungalow (which I've moved out of), there are cars that occasionally follow closely from behind, or aggressively pull up ahead of me and then drive slowly.

Once, I pulled up to my driveway one night at about 11:30 PM. It was freezing out, being in December, but there was a woman standing in my driveway, blocking my way, in the freezing cold, with four young children.

This isn't happening by accident.

There are a number of other things going on with me that I won't address here,
but I can tell you this group is extraordinarily skilled at making people feel terrified, alone, and vulnerable.

They are ruthless, well-financed, and sophisticated.

Think of this.

These are people who trafficked me as a child, and now are harassing, intimidating, and even attempting to kill me, simply because as an adult, I'm a liability to them.

This is happening to me, right now, in Salt Lake City, Utah.


A few months ago, I began to spend time with a new group of people. We got to know each other over the year, and being in this circle of friends was fun for me.

We were all LDS (I believed during this time that they had and held to LDS values), so the fun was clean fun, for the most part.

We were able to get to know each other as friends and I had nothing but total trust in these people. I felt a close connection to them and believed them to be exactly who I thought they were.

Strangely, they seemed to be strangely obsessed with some of my personal affairs: What books I was reading, what I thought about certain issues related to child sexual abuse and the Mormon church, whether or not I believed it was widespread, or if I had any memories of the abuse (and what were they.)

These questions were awkward for me, and my reaction was to just brush off the topic, hoping simply that my past would not catch up with me.

I didn't want to indulge in anything that would cause my friends to judge me or care about me any less.

I was happy.

These were people that I loved and adored dearly. They were, I believed, some of the sweetest, kindest humans on the planet. Never in a million years could I have imagined otherwise.

Toward the end of November, strange things began to occur in my life.

Some of the people that I had known who were involved in sexually assaulting/trafficking me as a child were coming out of the woodwork to engage with me.

I was being called on the phone, contacted via Facebook, and sent texts.

In essence, these people were putting themselves forward to interact with me in a way that was awkward, uncomfortable.

They were intimidating me, as a group - attacking as a pack.


Not wanting to divulge what I knew about them and about my personal history (this is a common tactic for me), I was forced to have awkward phone conversations with people who I knew were involved in the traumatic events of my childhood.

Additionally, I knew they had access to my home wifi network, because of some of the questions they were asking me over the phone: "Hey did you catch the 1st quarter of that Jazz game last night?"

I did. (In fact, it was the only quarter I watched.)

I believe this was done in a way that was pre-planned and coordinated, and that the effort was part of a broader attempt to frighten me and flush me from my quiet Sugarhouse SLC bungalow and into a less-safe location of one of my new "friends" on the West side of Salt Lake City.

Not knowing what to do, I panicked and fell the arms of my new "friends," (whom I simply believed loved me and cared for my security and well-being.)

They all begged and pleaded with me that I go to vacant house rental owned by one of them in the West side of Salt Lake City.

In the end, I fled, but instead chose to go to a location downtown.

I brought a gun.

This decision may have saved my life.

When we arrived at the downtown location, I settled in immediately.

My first instinct was to make the video that I posted to Facebook.

I know now that that video has played a part in saving my life.

In an attempt to document what I knew about the group and about my childhood, I also began to write down what I knew about my childhood sexual abuse memories.

Certainly if the public understood what was going on, and were sympathetic with what was happening to me, then I would be safe.

I would get some portion of my story written and my "friends" would ask to see -or even film on their cameras- what I had written.

They were also recording phone conversations that I was having with people I believed would side with me.

These very people I loved and believed to be my friends - my closest, most intimate confidants - I now know were only pretending to care for my well-being, and were, in fact, working in coordination with those who were harassing me.

In short, my "friends", were spying on me.

The few people in the world that I believed could help to keep me safe from those who were intimidating me, were actually working alongside them - hand in hand with my tormentors.


On the last night at the downtown location, my friends drugged and, I now believe, also attempted to kill me.

When we arrived one night at our downtown location, one of my female "friends" told me that I needed to keep healthy, under too much stress, and thinking too much.

She asked me to drink a glass of vegetable juice, which would help.

I did as she told me, and drank.

It didn't end there.

Nervously, the 2nd girl approached and sat next to me. "Evan, we love you. We're so sorry for what's happening to you. But you need to get some sleep tonight."

"These will help you." She held out her hand to reveal two White gel-cap pills.

Somehow my mind alerted me to the Red flags.

Why was this friend here?

Why did she care so much to drive all the way down here, just so that I sleep well?

She also carried a bag that sounded as if it had clinking glasses in it.

I believe now, with hindsight, that the pills that were offered me were in fact poison, and that the clinking in the bag was from bottles of spirits.

Liquor that could be poured down my throat after the murder to make the night appear that I simply had "one too many" drinks, and had destroyed my liver.

I ended up refusing the pills, which I'm sure saved my life.


After the girls left, I was able to add things up in my mind - the months long friendship, the coordination with my tormentors to flush me from my house...

This was an elaborate, well-coordinated effort to pick my brain regarding what I know about this group and what memories I have - and ultimately assassinate me.

Yes. It sounds like an elaborate spy drama/thriller.

But this exact scenario just played out in my life.

The very people whom I believed loved and cared for me and who were helping me, were actually, in fact, working alongside the evil people from my past.

Someone Wants Me Dead.

Make no mistake.

This attempt at my life was a costly, elaborate, well-executed and well-coordinated assassination attempt by professional killers - not some mere idea concocted by amateurs in a garage.

My friends went to elaborate lengths to gain my trust. There was a backstory, and scripted drama. This went on for months.

It was nothing short of an elaborate espionage operation.

It was devastating.

I'm still reeling.


Because I understood just how sophisticated this plot against me was - I am understandably terrified.

After the incident, over the next few days, I made multiple attempts to contact law enforcement.

In total, I've been three times to the local police. All Three times I've had to wait hours to speak to someone.

Frustrated with the lack of response from local police, I've now, twice, driven out to the local Utah FBI office. (After all, if child sex trafficking is the work of any law enforcement agency, it must be the FBI.)

After waiting for about 20 minutes in a holding area, someone finally came to talk to me.

The local agent was nice enough.

He interviewed me for a bit, but then told me that the FBI office didn't actually do this kind of thing, only covered all of Idaho and parts of Wyoming, and was stretched thin.

Sorry, he said. "But we just don't have the resources for this."

I left, exhausted.

Another day, I drove up to Capitol Hill to the office of Sean Reyes, Attorney General.

I was not in a good state of mind (understandably, because people are trying to kill me).

"I'm a victim of child sex trafficking and I need protection" I blurted out, frantically.

I was even in the same room with Sean Reyes and asked a staff member if I could speak with him.

They were nice enough, apologetic even... but in the end simply asked me to leave.

If an educated 40 year old male can't be listened to and believed, I shudder to think what kind of chance a child has.

After my two female friends left our downtown location, I attempted to vomit the vegetable drink - but was unable to do so.

Regardless, I'd been accepting food, drinks, and another number of ingestibles, almost unconsciously, from "my friends," for months.

Three hours after I had drunk the drink that I did that night, I began to have tremors.

My hands and my legs went completely numb, and my back began throbbing on both sides -an indicator of Kidney damage).

I was vomiting and even began to convulse.

I looked up all these symptoms on reputable websites and found that these are very specific symptoms of ingested mercury.

Mercury is found in Fish and shellfish, and it can be deadly, slowly poisoning the system over years.

It's also found in Sushi.

Mercury is nearly impossible to cleanse from your system, and simply works quietly to destroy your kidneys, liver, brain, and other organs.

It is also the perfect poison.

Give someone a dose of mercury, and it's virtually untraceable. One can simply claim after the fact that their victim simply ate a bad piece of fish, or that their favorite food was sushi.

Mercury poisoning can also lead to heart attacks, which are common.

I don't eat Fish, ever.

I eat Sushi about twice a year.

When I learned that I had this poisoning, I immediately went to the ER. They did a CBC and found no abnormalities, but even though I demanded they do a test for mercury, none was done.

I also went to a clinic, and had another CBC, but they refused a mercury test.
Because it's the holidays, I've had a hard time getting an appointment with an internal medicine doctor.

If you're reading this, and I've died of a heart attack or Renal or Hepatic failure, demand a mercury biopsy.

Also demand that the FBI do a complete investigation.

I'm a 39 year old who 30 days ago was in perfect health.

If I die in the foreseeable future, demand that the FBI get involved.

It will not have been an accident.


People have asked me on Facebook. "Well why don't you just come forward and name all the names of the people you know and the police will investigate."

If I'm backed against a wall, I will divulge every name of every individual I'm aware of.

This is not what I want, but I will do it.

As for simply demanding an investigation, from my perspective, this is not reality.

My interactions with local police have taught me that events related to adult child sexual abuse victims are not something they are interested in investigating.

I can't change this.

And if you believe that I'm somehow mistaken, or not interested in investigating, then you don't understand my situation, and we're not living in the same world.

I want to make this clear, unless I'm pushed, or I'm dying, I will not be naming the people who I know are involved in this.

I simply want the public to know what is going on, because there is some degree of protection that comes with public knowledge.


To my friends and to anyone with conscience who cares about Utah children.
If you've just read this, share it to your profile now.

Tag friends.

Call the media.

Tell everyone what can happen to child sexual abuse victims in Utah.

This is not a joke, and your efforts may in the end save my life.

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Re: Child Sex Trafficking Ring in Utah

Post by learning » Sun Feb 25, 2018 12:00 pm

On a forum similar to this one, a person named Juliet posted this response to the above mentioned article:

Yes it is all true. I was born into it, multi generational. These people don't even know what they are doing. My parents will not be able to face what they have done on this life. You develop multiple personalities so you don't have to take responsibility for being so evil. You become evil when you are denied love. My most wicked personalities healed when I learned to extend love to them. These personalities if they were their own people, would be people I would feel like I couldn't be in the same room with them because of their bad vibes. But I had to learn to send love to them and overcome any sense of self righteousness.

The reason they blend in so well is because they have genuine good personalities that would pass a lie detector test. They truly don't know what they do.

If you want a lesson in overcoming ego, be born into one of these families. It gives you a perspective on evil you would never understand otherwise.

Most people are not righteous. Most people are self righteous. A true person extends love to those who are evil. It is torture and neglect that creates an evil person, or ignorance. It is love and forgiveness and nurturing that creates a good person.

I am the only one in my family to escape. I badly want the rest to escape but they have all been programmed to believe I am mentally ill. I have sent books to my family to help and found out they were thrown away.

Who wants to find out they are a pedo in an alternate personality they don't even know or control, but is controlled by a handler in the cult, created through torture and basically made a slave.

The most righteous among us can fall prey to these programming tactics. It is an iron yoke that binds the saints of God just as Joseph Smith says in &D&C 123.

Fritz Springmeier has a good book "Deeper Insights into the Illuminati" for free online where you can see how people involved are truly slaves.

My patriarchal blessing says members of my family haven't heard the gospel yet, even though they are members. They have temple recommends. But even my son has flashbacks of abuse by ** from age 3 1/2 and before. The stuff he tells me is hard to believe. I asked him if he really believes it was **. He is now 7. He said yes, but it was an accident. I thought that was so tender of him to say because the abuse is so bad. My other daughter told me also she was abused. Unfortunately I didn't escape the cult until I was 26, so I had 2 young kids.

We moved to N Carolina and cult activity is just as active here. I have people in the drive way at midnight honking their horns, and I have been kidnapped from my home, chloroformed and reprogrammed (hypnosis, spinning, and electroshock) to take my kids to a facility. I was programmed to believe I was taking them to a daycare. I woke up out of the programming and rescued my kids but they had all been harmed.

I now have a shotgun which makes me feel safer and have found a good friend who has helped deprogram me. It is common when he is helping me through Skype for my internet to go down especially when we are getting good work done.

I know my emails are read, my phone calls used to be tapped a lot, o could hear people listening in on my calls, especially having anything to do with SRA.

And I know others from Utah who have had similar experiences. These Satanists have a mockery organization of the Mormon Church. They send put missionaries and have their own Holy Ghost. Their sacrament using the sacrament prayers is a perversion.

I had a flashback at the temple because the Satanists have their own temple ceremony. This flashback showed a mockery of the patriarchal order as the wife was submissive to a horrible act of murder as an act of obedience to her husband.

I have confirmed my memories with another survivor that programming occurred under the tabernacle. Because my flashbacks occurred while I was drugged and under hypnosis, I have a hard time being sure who hurt me. I was hypnotized to only see a cloud instead of the face of the person raping me. But I have confirmed with another survivor that pleasant Grove Junior high teachers are involved.

So everything Evan says I believe and matches my story pretty well. But, we have to overcome human nature which is to recoil. People caught up in this are truly slaves and many have pure hearts but their minds have been destroyed. The way we help them is to give them freedom by sharing the truth.

I have had flashbacks of murdering a baby by knife, and having 5 pregnancies. After the baby was born it was killed. One memory is of ** pulling 2 babies out of the oven. No wonder as a child you block that from your memory.

My mom was put into the mental hospital when her programming broke down. If she had the info I had, maybe she would have escaped. It is too easy for the bad guys to label those who get free as mentally ill. That is why on my website I show that mental illness since the inception of the American and World psychological organizations has always been a cover for mind fracturing and complete behavior control.

This stuff is deep and awful and even I can't heal without asking Jesus to essentially erase my pain and despair for me, after acknowledging it. Just the mention of such acts of deprivation can bitter the heart and start one questioning God.

I have decided that if I were God, I wouldn't have let this happen. But since I am not God, I will trust Him that He is good. Believing in Him makes healing so much easier and faster and more important is the love from friends.

There was a time I was so lonely and in despair I wondered if I should go back to the cult since that is all I had. At that time this friend showed up and saved my life.

I know Jesus called His disciples friends and I think friendship is the most powerful force in the universe.

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Re: Child Sex Trafficking Ring in Utah

Post by learning » Sun Feb 25, 2018 12:01 pm

Here is a link to the original post: ... =592566918

Here is a video of Evan McMullin: ... =592566918

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Re: Child Sex Trafficking Ring in Utah

Post by learning » Sun Feb 25, 2018 12:07 pm

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Why does Las Vegas Courthouse promote sex abuse?

Post by learning » Sun Feb 25, 2018 12:11 pm ... ourthouse/

The official website of the United States District Court of Nevada states:

“The cornerstone of the Amercian judicial system is the trial courts … in which witnesses testify, juries deliberate and justice is done.”
– William H. Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the United States

If that is the case, why are there paintings of birds raping people displayed at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

According to Redoubt News:

These paintings were hung in the very front of the courthouse, next to the main entrance. (…) These are reportedly created by local high school students. Their teacher said to one of the complainants, “They are learning that they don’t identify people by their faces.”

The article states that nobody at the courthouse took responsibility for okaying these paintings.

A closer look at these paintings reveals that their message goes way beyond “Don’t identify people by their faces” (whatever that means). Indeed, the paintings are replete with imagery and symbolism relating to Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and trauma-based mind control (known as Monarch Programming). They tell a disturbing story of abuse at the hand of extremely evil people, which leads me to doubt that those were made by high school students.







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Re: Child Sex Trafficking Ring in Utah

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Rudi Giuliani came out and said all of this was true and was shut down. He provided an email address and I responded. They told me their cgi tech was good enough they could replicate him on media saying whatever they needed. Hmm, who else would need this tech? Cough. Anti Christ. Cough. They said the cgi on The Force Awakens was purposely dumbed down because they can make it much more realistic than that. ... n-youtube/

There is no easier way to get small children to pipe down than handing them a tablet or a smartphone. Toddlers know how to launch YouTube, play videos and even navigate to other “recommended videos”. This keeps children silent and entertained for long periods of time – a luxury that busy parents greatly appreciate.

While most parents hear the children’s music playing in the background, they rarely watch the videos played by their children. When they do glimpse at the screen, they see a character such as Spiderman or Princess Elsa and assume that everything is cool. But everything is not cool. There is something terribly wrong with some children’s YouTube videos and, often, those who create them do not have the best of intentions.

A great deal of these videos contains weird, disturbing, violent and even traumatizing content. They are insidiously mixed with other children’s videos, causing them to appear as “recommended videos” by YouTube and, therefore, easily accessible to children.

I am not talking about rare, obscure videos hiding in the depths of YouTube, I am talking about channels that cumulate billions of views.

Of course, the main motivation behind these videos is profit. All it takes is a few superhero costumes and a smartphone to create videos that can potentially generate lots of revenue.

However, some of these videos are simply not right. There appears to be a motivation that goes beyond profit. Some videos trick children into watching traumatizing content, others expose them to oddly “adult” situations. Even worse, some appear to cater to adults … who like to watch children.

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Re: Child Sex Trafficking Ring in Utah

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Re: Child Sex Trafficking Ring in Utah

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Salt Lake City —
(KUTV) Jerome Elam is an author, lecturer, and human trafficking survivor. When he was 5-years-old Elam's stepfather started molesting him. Before long his stepfather started using him for child pornography and then introduced him to his pedophile ring.

"The first time I was trafficked as a child, I was handcuffed to a truck stop bathroom for six hours, raped and sodomized and abused," said Elam.

Unfortunately, Elam's story is not new. This is a crime that happens in America every day.

"Americans are truly some of the biggest perpetrators and provide most of the demand for child sex trafficking that's going around," said Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes.

Child sex trafficking is the second fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. It surpasses gun running and counterfeiting, both of which are multi-billion dollar industries. It is second only to the drug trade.

"Even drug dealers have found that they can only sell a drug once; they can sell a human being multiple times, so we they're switching to human trafficking," said Elam.

He says the average age of a trafficked child is between 10 and 12-years-old. It's a crime that steals the innocence of children, leaving a shell behind, if not killing them.

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