Utah cop shoots man through car window

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Utah cop shoots man through car window

Post by neighbor » Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:10 am

Officer faces criminal charge for shooting man through his car window

SALT LAKE CITY — An officer was not legally justified when he fired five rounds at a man last year — striking him three times.

That's the conclusion of Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill, who filed a criminal charge against the Adult Probation and Parole officer on Monday. He says the evidence does not match the officer's version of events.

Andrew Reed O'Gwin, 48, of American Fork, is charged in 3rd District Court with aggravated assault, a second-degree felony, in the shooting of Joe Alvin Gomez.


O'Gwin first started working as a corrections officer in 2006 before working for the Utah Highway Patrol for about three years. He returned to the corrections department in October 2016 which could explain a lot about his out of control aggressive behavior towards citizens. One might further wonder why a cop can miss two of the shots from less than 2 feet away. The cop may have been in a fit of rage and shaking uncontrollably.

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