KSL News inexperienced reporters and photographers

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KSL News inexperienced reporters and photographers

Post by neighbor » Fri May 10, 2019 5:36 pm

Have you ever noticed that the photographs at ksl.com look like they were shot by a 5 year old? Take the LDS Temple, for example. An icon of Salt Lake City. An icon of the LDS Church. An icon of architecture. When the inexperienced photographers at KSL shoot the temple, it looks like it is tipping over backwards. This is because the photographer tilts the camera towards the sky in order to get the entire building in the shot. Since the camera is not perpendicular to the structure, the perspective is distorted.

Professional photographers know about perspective as well as how to operate a camera. Generally, professional photographers do not put their DSLR on full automatic and simply click the shutter when they feel the shot is acceptable. This is what amateurs do.

Professionals, or anyone that takes pride in doing a good job will use techniques that provide a realistic photo, rather than the "good enough for anyone that reads fake news" attitude of the typical KSL employee.

I had wondered why KSL had the fakest news of all with the possible exception of CNN and then I realized that they subscribed to the fake news feed of the Associated Press, which rarely resembles truth. I found it ironic that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints owned the business of liars and fakery aka KSL. But then promoting faggot parades isn't exactly Christ like, either.

I wondered if KSL required any experience when hiring a reporter. I did discover that if anyone attempts to tell the truth in the comments of any of KSL's stories that are fake or outright lies, that the comment would absolutely not be allowed. KSL does not allow any thoughts or ideas that differ from their own to be published.

I remember hearing the prophets over the years always stating the socialism is of the devil. Now a days they praise the socialist Mitt Romney for his Romney care that influenced ObummerCare.

But that's enough of the deception that KSL promotes so heavily. Let's get back on topic and see the picture on ksl.com today 5/10/2019 attached to a story about a judge ordering the church to release names of sister missionaries that claim to have been sexually assaulted.

Here is one taken by me for comparison. I did allow a moderate amount of perspective to show reality. You see the eyes expect a little distortion to portray distance and height.

There are a couple different ways that a photographer can take a picture of a tall building without distorting perspective. The first and easiest is simply to hold the camera parallel to the building while using a wide enough angle lens to accommodate the entire building. The second way requires a shift lens. The lens can be shifted left or right or up or down to compensate for the distortion. Both of these techniques are done within the camera. There is actually a third way and that is in post processing. In the days of film, a photographer could tilt the easel beneath the enlarger when printing an image to correct distortion. Now a days with digital images, post processing is done with software like Lightroom or Photoshop. Perspective can be adjusted at will with software after the picture has already been taken.

One might wonder if any of ksl's photographers have ever had any training or at least taken a class in High School. But then if you aren't going to tell the truth in the story to begin with, what difference does a defective picture make?

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Re: KSL News inexperienced reporters and photographers

Post by CandiceP » Fri May 10, 2019 9:45 pm

Beautiful pictures! You know what you are doing without a doubt!

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