Fags and the church

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Fags and the church

Post by Floyd » Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:33 pm

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A Tale of Two Families
March 16, 2017, the LDS Church published on its Mormon Channel which appears on YouTube "The Mackintosh's [sic] Story-A Son Comes Out and a Family Loves."

Contrast this to the title of Janice's first book on this topic: My Darling From the Lions, A Boy Falls to Homosexuality, A Mother Turns to God, A Family is Changed Forever.

Some think there are only two reactions to a child coming out as gay: rejection or love. But both reactions are based on false narratives. What usually happens is not really rejection and not really love. Neither of these are the Lord's solution.

The first family above decides to just "love" the child involved in homosexuality. We're supposed to think love is the be-all, end-all, highest virtue apart from anything else. But what does this type of love look like? It seems to look like not just affection for the person but acceptance of the sin, too. Really? Acceptance of sin is love? Where in the scriptures does it say that? Indeed, in the end the parents do accept homosexuality---as their son's immutable identity. How cruel is that? These are people who know better (see the Family Proclamation) pretending a despicable, age-old sin is somehow a young person's identity. In addition, there is no evidence that the parents care how he got there, if there was/is abuse or pornography, or what consequences there will be for his high-risk behavior. (See The Health Hazards of Homosexuality, a new, very fat book.) This isn't rocket technology. It's common sense. What is more, they don't seem to care at all about his immortal soul. Doesn't sound like real love, does it? It's looks more like condemning their "loved one" to a miserable hedonistic future and eternal doom.

Now the rejection scenario. What may often happen in the rejection narrative is something like the parents taking any kind of stand against homosexual conduct (internet pornography and filthy communications are always a big part of it) or using any kind of tough love, whereupon the misbehaving kid mischaracterizes that as rejection and whines to the gay community and anyone else who will listen that he's been "kicked out." And this gets back to the Church---apparently the gay community has the Church's ear. Truth be told, the child chooses to leave the home of his own accord because he refuses to abide by the house rules. Kids themselves aren't being rejected. It's just the bad behaviors being called out. And there is probably some emotional or mental illness in there, too.

The trendy new idea of homosexuality being an identity (which has zero scientific or scriptural support) instead of what it is---an age-old sin of abominable lusts and behaviors--- has completely blind-sided just about everybody. If you believe that unlike every other sin this particular sin is who a person is and they can't help what they think, feel, and do, then of course you have to either accept the horrible behaviors along with the person, or reject the person himself. It's a no-win and a false and dangerous notion.

Of course there is one solution that works better than anything else. The second family above chooses the Lord's solutions. It turns to God and changes from the inside out. There's all sorts of repentance going on. There's all sorts of humility and reliance on the Savior and loving God more than anything or anyone else. The boy gets help and overcomes these wrong thoughts and feelings. He repents.He learns to redirect his thoughts and desires. He goes on to live a normal life. The whole family learns about fallen human nature, sin, Christ, repentance, God's love. Everything important.The whole family learns how to APPLY the gospel of Jesus Christ.

See the difference? The first family's reaction is purely sociological, shallow, self-interested,pseudo-religious, and temporally-focused.The second family's reaction is gospel-based, humble, repentant, God and Christ-centered, spiritually-focused.

But even without religion playing any part, a family could care enough about the person on a health and well-being basis to root out the trouble, get educated, and offer to help their son get straightened out. It's common sense. It's biology. It's reality. It's about his future health and happiness, if only temporal.

For all intents and purposes the son in the first family won everybody over to his worldview. He left his faith and continues behaving badly. The second family came to Christ, virtue triumphed, and miracles happened all around.

Make of this what you will: The first family gets to tell its story with the Church authority behind it. Stories like the second family's are not allowed.

Think of all the families who see this Church video and the Deseret News article that accompanies it and think it's what they are supposed to do (against their conscience and better judgment) and so decide to mimic these ideas and actions. Think of all the young men being encouraged in homosexuality by their thoughtless families and by their church. What is encouraged will increase. Has anybody considered that there may be a humble, confused, suffering person out there who is not yet past feeling, who knows inside that what he's gotten himself into is really wrong, and who would love some encouragement on how to overcome these miserable unwanted feelings and habits? Where is the acceptance and love for him? There isn't any! Because it's politically incorrect! Because the world wouldn't like it! Because everybody appears to be brainwashed.

What these parents need to accept is that their son is currently a lost soul and apparently they are wandering, too. Accepting your child as gay and turning a blind eye to his sullied soul and his dangerous behavior and his unhappy future is the easy worldly way. How about separating his infinite worth from his sins? How about loving the sinner but not loving the sin? Yes, it's possible! How about standing firm in your knowledge of right and wrong, truth and error, God and man's fallen condition? How about turning to God, repenting yourself, and seeking the Spirit for guidance continually? Now that's hard. Your kid won't like it. Lots of people here in Sodom where we now live won't like it. And yet that's what we're supposed to do.That's what the gospel and the scriptures and God and the Spirit and real parenting and even plain old common sense say to do.

Notice how there is never anything published these days about overcoming/repenting from homosexuality, nor is any help or encouragement or even warnings offered. The lesson we are supposedly being taught from the above video and others like it? Just love. Just serve. It's outward appearances and performances that matter. It's families getting along that matters. It's the here and now that matters. There is to be no talk of heaven or hell. No calling to repentance. No testifying of Christ. No Christ as Savior from sin. No true religiosity.

Are you sufficiently outraged and disappointed? We hope so. Because if you are outraged and disappointed at these developments it's a sign of your nearness to God.

The Deseret News article is in the "Faith" section of the Mormon Church-owned newspaper. Doesn't sound like faith to us, unless your faith is not in God but in human beings and giving in to whatever your inexperienced, ignorant kids do so you can feel temporarily comfortable. Remember what C. S. Lewis wrote, anything worshiped other than God becomes a demon.

There are many comments on the video/article. Most are gay-affirming. Here are the comments we sent which are posted on the online comments section of the Deseret News article March 16, 2017. (We're actually really surprised they published them.)

"When these shallow pro-gay coming-out stories are told we never hear the dark backstory. Parents and leaders should care that underneath what you see is a pornographic, cyberspace, predatory, sex-addicted, narcissistic, phony, dead-end mindset and lifestyle. Many years ago in his teens my child was involved in homosexuality. The sinning was exciting, but he knew it was wrong and eventually, with the right help, got himself out. His authentic heart-wrenching story and Christ-centered beliefs are regularly recharacterized, dismissed, and met with hateful resistance, even threats. Interesting that the world-- and the church-- have zero love and acceptance and praise when it comes to stories like my son’s."

read the rest at the link above

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Re: Fags and the church

Post by learning » Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:30 pm

mgridle1 wrote an essay related to this:

Will the mainstream of the Church ever adopt homosexual marriage? I don't know if the mainstream will, but most definitely a portion of the Church will (and currently does!) and it will almost by necessity require either a split or a total acceptance of homosexuality.

Unfortunately too many people have their heads completely stuck in the mud on this issue. The Church has ALREADY changed it's DOCTRINE/POLICY!!! Get that through your heads.

15 years ago if one stood up at the pulpit and said, "I'm a homosexual", that individual WOULD be called into the Bishop's office and WOULD receive some serious counseling at best and more likely than not some type of discipline.

That is NO LONGER THE CASE. The Church has stated multiple times, in multiple ways, in multiple fronts that identifying as a homosexual is not a sin. They have said that one can have sexual desires for the same sex and there is no sin in that. They are flat out wrong-period. They have changed their doctrine, that is 100% fact.

It started to slowly change in the mid-90s, but one definitely could not identify as a homosexual-now one can and no one can touch them. Used to be someone who claimed they were homosexual was not eligible for callings-now they are. Doctrine has changed-period.

It is very, very unfortunate how much the leadership of the Church in these issues is lead by the world-instead of by God. They are lead by the world and psychologists in the areas of the mind and that is unfortunate. The leadership still believes in a "chemical imbalance" which has been debunked over and over again by leading experts in psychology. No serious expert in psychology believes AT ALL in the myth of a "chemical imbalance" it is (as a leading expert-even the founder of the idea of "chemical imbalance" said) a "useful metaphor". Yet Church leadership still believes it-they still write GC articles extolling the virtues of psychology when the actual DATA of it shows pill-popping is more dangerous, more harmful, more detrimental to "mental" health than NOT taking pills-that's a fact.

The leadership has been lead by the world to believe (or at least to not dispute) the worldy, satanic message that homosexuals are "born that way"-it's a complete lie. Any serious study of the issue reveals that it is way, way more complex than "born that way" and at the end of the day it is like most things in life, it is a learned process. You learn to ride a bike and never forget but you can still stay far, far away from bikes and never ride them again nor have the desire to ride them again-even if you know how.

The whole reason why we have discussions on this issue of homosexuality is b/c it is a thing of the mind-it isn't fact, it isn't data, it is reason. No science has proven a "gay gene" or anything of the such.

And the most damning aspect about it is that IF there is such a thing as a "gay" gene that "makes one" homosexual and there is nothing we can do about it, then it blows away the ENTIRE plan of God-it means God doesn't exist b/c we are simply just blobs of organic mess that are locked into whatever way we are "born" and there is nothing we can do about it. We can't change out thoughts, we can't change our desires, we can't change our behaviors and we should all just be as we were made . . . "perfect".

It is a lie from Satan. How far down the path we go before things get corrected . . .I have no clue. But make no mistake the Church as an organization has ALREADY given up on this issue. Not in word, not in deed, but in thought.

An organization that cannot stand up and say, homosexuals you CAN change your desires, thoughts, etc. to be heterosexual means they have already lost the ENTIRE war. War (the ideological front) has been lost all that remains is which battles are won/lost in the future until it is fully accepted . . . unless the Church changes it's ideological foundation.

One cannot say, "you were born homosexual-or at least we don't deny that you were born homosexual" and NOT allow them to get "married".

Whether that means in the future, the whole Church accepts homosexuality in the future is TBD-but in order for it NOT to accept homosexuality in all it's "glory" it MUST change it's current ideological foundation. B/c it's current ideological foundation is built upon a very, very sandy foundation and that is why slowly but surely it is being washed away.

Until it changes it's ideological foundation on homosexuality, it will continue step by step to be accepted. Since the Church 100% accepts individuals who claim they are homosexual. I'll tell you were the next battle will be fought . . .and lost.

Homosexuals will start coming to Church with their "friend", they won't break the "Law of Chastity" (i.e. they won't do anything that would get heterosexuals in trouble), but they will hold hands in Church, give backrubs, give hugs, etc. in Church. They will display it for all to see so that the congregation can get acclimated to it.

Certainly at first one or two Bishops might put a stop to it and enact some form of discipline. But the LGBTQ crowd will throw a hissy-fit . . .how DARE!!! you not allow Bob to take the Sacrament, it wasn't doing anything sexual, he was only holding hands. You are such a bigot, intolerant, homophobe-they weren't doing anything that a heterosexual couple would get in trouble for. Your Church says we should "listen and learn and love" LGBTQ individuals-but you really don't-your evil, hateful people for not allowing Bob to hold hands with John. Everyone already knows Bob is a homosexual and so is John and they can hold any calling, so you are such hateful bigots for removing his right to take the sacrament.

Maybe that's not the first battle, maybe the first battle is John and Bob go out together every Friday night and that's brought to the attention of the Bishop. Bro. Lee tells the Bishop, hey you know I see John and Bob together quite often and the above plays out.

The current policy of the Church is absolutely 100% unsustainable. You can not have saying you identify as a homosexual is 100% cool and NOT have them "act on it". What you identify as you act as. Right now, most of the "acting on it" happens on the internet. Homosexual members 100% in "good standing" aren't doing anything "physical", in general, but through their blogs, twitter, facebook pages, etc. they are advocating for the ability to do physical acts. It's only a matter of time before that physical wall breaks down and it becomes just don't have sex or some other such nonsense.

LDS members currently focus on SSM, that's the wrong battle to focus on. SSM comes only after the Church accepts small homosexual acts that done heterosexually would not result in any discipline. Sure SSM is a battle that is being waged in the Church by the LGBTQ lobby, but those who are smart absolutely know that's the wrong battle to pick right now. In fact they say so, they say things like LGBTQ individuals need to "take their place" in the Church, that it's a "marathon not a sprint", etc. etc. If you look closely at organizations like Affirmation, Mormon Building Bridges, etc. they are looking for, recruiting, and asking for LGBTQ foot-soldiers. Individuals who will push the envelope at Church, individuals who will get the rest of the Church membership acclimated to LGBTQ individuals.

When a people is wicked, they desire leadership to tell them their wickedness is not wickedness. As a people the membership of the Church is becoming more and more wicked-thus they will desire more and more leadership to tell them wickedness is not wicked. When the more part desires wickedness that is what they will get
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No one is born a fag

Post by learning » Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:42 pm

No serious expert in psychology believes AT ALL in the myth of a "chemical imbalance" it is (as a leading expert-even the founder of the idea of "chemical imbalance" said) a "useful metaphor".



Psychology is the new religion and is of the devil. The founders are atheist, they lie, they distort data, facts, etc. to fit their own agenda, they are in bed with pharma companies to make a profit. They bring out the "solution" to something, but it's not based on science, data, facts, it's based on cherry-picked, hand-picked data. Anti-psychotic drugs do untold number of things to the brain, not the least of which is to make one more susceptible to spiritual forces (mostly of the bad kind .. . )

Shoot, Kinsey (the psychologist that just about all homosexual's and their allies base their data from), who famously said something like 10% of the population was homosexual, yeah just look into how he got those findings. All the individuals he interviewed were already messed up, they were either in prison or on drugs-he didn't interview anyone normal. He extrapolate sexuality to the general population based on a population that was already jacked up. The guy was most likely himself a homosexual and a pedophile. Half the data he printed has no actual backing-as in no one can find his actual reports/interviews, it's highly likely he made up half the crap he reported.

Yet it is because of him that homosexuality has gotten such pull in modern society-he is the godfather of the idea that it's not a learned behavior but an innate one.

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