Navajo Prophecy

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Navajo Prophecy

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as related by Capyain Crunch

Every month or so I work on construction projects with a Navajo friend in Arizona; I was mainly interested in his approach to farming corn, as we are in AZ he doesn't use irrigation and they never failed to have a harvest. He explained that they were taught by a dove how to farm corn, and that farming corn represents the entire cycle of the world. There are 5 seasons and then it resets, each season is a different world.

1st season (Black world) man left after offending the creator.

2nd season (Blue world) He said his people lived in an area of tall trees and lots of water. This world was very advanced; he was told, if your arm was crushed or something, they could inject something small in the arm and it would heal (possibly like a chip or maybe stem cells). He talked about other technology which he said when described would sound as if someone was describing a iPad. The blue world became wicked and a dove gathered some of the good people of that tribe and they were told they would enter a seed and the creator wanted to plant them on another land. The seed floated on the water during a great flood and ended up in the mountains North-East of the four corners area (Rocky Mountains in Colorado). He drew me a picture of a picture of an ancient petroglyph near his house of the people getting off the seed; I told him I would like to check it out, he said that my dad would also know where to find it.

3rd Season (Yellow World) When the group became large, the dove broke up the group and gave them each there lands which it instructed them to never develop or go beyond there certain mountains and rivers boundaries. They told the dove they wanted to go back to the Blue World as the technology they brought with them was breaking; the dove said the Blue World is gone. I asked him something about the Hopi Indians as they are the closest neighbor, he said the Hopi's are mysterious as they were in the area before the Navajo, they weren't part of the group that came from that seed; they were probably part of a different people before the flood. He noted that some tribes as far as Alaska he can kind of follow a conversation as there language has the same roots, but he can't understand any Hopi and they are very different. I noted that the Zuni tribe (New Mexico) and Japanese have languages that are too similar to be coincidence, and are different than the neighboring tribes.

Signs the Yellow world will be ending: At the end of the Yellow World, the dove will lead them to the White World. When the end is close, they will look into the sky and see spider webs (he noted possibly phone lines, or contrails from planes or missile or something else. A woman will sit in a seat that she should not be in was a sign. That was all he could remember at that moment, but he plans to do an audio recording of his aunt who is well versed on Navajo Mythology.

4th season (White World) They are not sure why the dove referred this as the White World. Possibly due to white people or white surroundings in nature; they will be lead by a dove to a new land.

5th season: The plot was planted and harvested for 4 seasons at this point the plants ate all of the dirt (he said that is how they describe it) The soil is depleted. During this year they let the land go back to nature, there is no working or harvesting during this world and at the end, it will reset back to the 1st season.

Other Notes:
-- I looked online and didn't see much of this information, also couldn't find a picture of the petroglyph.
-- My buddy follows his tribes beliefs and is not a Christian, he lives a clean life and is spiritual and believes in a creator, he is about my age 38.
-- They plant crop based on the stars, there is a cluster of 7 stars near Orion, and when they are all seen they plant, and don't plant when they are not seen. Generally the stars all show in spring for a couple weeks, then off and on every couple weeks which works well for continual harvest and pollination. He won't water his crops even if it would give them a little boost. I asked him what happens if there is no rain? He said it has never happened and suggested it never will. They rely on star gazers for farming and other things
-- I asked if there was any buzz about Hillary possibly taking a seat she didn't belong in, he said it was something they paid attention to. He noted that there was a state representative race (I can't remember the names off hand) there was a woman highly favored and experienced that was defeated by a no-name from the less popular republican party. This is a common prophecy.
-- Cleon Skousen suggested there was billions of people on the earth before the flood due to long fertility and life spans, as well as thousands of years for growth.

That's pretty much it. He suggested that his aunt will need to tell him more. Thought it was interesting.

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