High Desert

No matter where you live, you should be growing food.
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High Desert

Post by solarguy » Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:43 pm

Everything doesn't grow everywhere. Unless you have a greenhouse.

In the high desert it gets 100 degrees in the day and drops 50 degrees at night. Grapes and squash grow alright, but watermelon and cantelope don't get very big. The season is long enough and the days are warm enough and nutrients do not help. The plants shut down for winter every night. The next day they decide to give it another shot. Keeping the ground warm solves the problem. Easiest solution is buy melons in the store.

Raspberries and blabkberries grow fine in the desert. In fact, over watering will kill them.

Radishes are easy. Tomatoes may only get 3 inches in diameter, but they do grow. Bell peppers only get about half as big as in the store.

At over 6200 feet elevation, pinion pine nuts are plentiful. Pears and apples do well as long as you keep them watered. Peaches, too. Cherries, not so much.

I've been eating straight and crooked neck squash since the first week in July. Tasty.

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