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Telescreens are devices which operate as both televisions and security cameras with microphones.

All members of the Inner Party (upper-class) and Outer Party (middle-class) have telescreens in their homes, but the proles (lower-class) are not typically monitored as they are unimportant to the Party.

As later explained in Emmanuel Goldstein's book of which Smith reads some excerpts, the Party does not feel threatened by the Proles, assuming that they would never rebel on their own, and therefore does not find a need to monitor their daily lives.

In addition to being surveillance devices, telescreens are also televisions (hence the name). It broadcasts propaganda about Oceania's military victories, economic production figures, spirited renditions of the national anthem to heighten patriotism, and Two Minutes Hate, which is a two-minute film of Emmanuel Goldstein's wishes for freedom of speech and press, which the citizens have been trained to disagree with through doublethink.

Emmanuel Goldstein - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmanuel_Goldstein

These primitive devices the upper and middle class are drowning their-selves in are just basic prototypes.

Give it 50 years unchallenged. I have never trusted a smartphone... where is the firewall, the control, the options, the operating system code... I opened windows 10 pictures the other day and my firewall was asking permission for win.photo.exe to connect to the Internet...the only possible reason for this is to send my entire photo folder back to Microsoft HQ.

The average chump sure trusts these things are secure, all you do is turn it on and do a basic setup... annnnnnnnnd Jennifer Lawrence covered in cum...

In the old days the "government" had to be sneaky about bugging your house. Now we actually pay to have our house bugged. No thanks.

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