Illegal to treat fags in California

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Illegal to treat fags in California

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When Christian Conservatives Are Compared To The 9/11 Terrorists

Ten years ago, you would have said "Impossible!" to the idea that a minor with unwanted same-sex attraction would be forbidden by law to receive professional counseling.

Especially if that child had been sexually abused and wanted counseling, but was still denied. And you would have dismissed the notion that some states would seek to bar such counseling from adults as well.

Today, a number of states have outlawed this much-needed counseling for struggling minors. California is poised to make it illegal for anyone of any age to receive professional help for unwanted same-sex attraction or gender-confusion. That is the unvarnished, unembellished truth.

And what happens when we draw attention to this outrageous California bill? We are attacked as maniacs.

As one gay activist put it (specifically, in the context of my opposition to the California bill),

Brown is a religious zealot -- a Christian convert -- who is barely distinguishable from the folks who flew airplanes into buildings for their god. Unlike them, Brown is nonviolent. However, like those 9/11 maniacs, Brown substitutes literalist religious belief for logic, science and common sense. Brown, I think, relishes the negative attention and while I say that he is nonviolent he does equivalent violence to LGBT people every day through misinformation.

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The Extreme MALE Brain vs SoyBoys and BUGMEN

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