The War in Heaven & Satan’s Continuing Battle for Power.

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Re: The War in Heaven & Satan’s Continuing Battle for Power.

Post by Floyd » Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:05 pm

It appears to me that restricting another one's freedom may be the most grievous sin imaginable.

There is abundant wildlife where I live. There is a vast difference between the way birds and rabbits conduct themselves when placed in danger. The birds eat road kill and know that the automobiles will kill them if they don't get out of the way. A rabbit operates much more on instinct. When in danger, he runs. Maybe right under your tire or maybe he escapes. The rabbit does not calculate the direction of the truck. The rabbit does not consider that the vehicle will not leave the road to run him down. It does not occur to the rabbit that the car will stay on the road. Many rabbits are killed because they stayed on the road.

If humans operated on instinct, rather than agency, the possibility to sin would not exist. Therefore, all mankind would be saved. But they would remain stupid. In order to learn, we must be able to make wrong choices as well as right ones.

Lucifer was/is a socialist. His no child left behind mantra would be like the democratic party of the United States and protect people from themselves. It would force people to wear seat belts. It would remove the dangers that the tootie frootie pansies may harm themselves with and provide them with a safe place. But then no one could become a God because everyone would be stupid.

Every prophet in my lifetime has stated that socialism is of the devil. Socialism is like raw sewage in your morning milk. No amount is acceptable. In order for a person to think socialism is a good idea, there must be a defect in their soul. A defect far more base than a genetic one. This defect is on the spiritual level. This defect can not be repaired. God did not attempt to reform Lucifer. God did not send him to rehab. God removed his right to change his mind or repent. Further, God dammed his progression as in damming a stream, in that without a body Lucifer could not progress with the rest of us. Although, Satan has had thousands of years to do genetic engineering on captured humans and likely has himself a body to inhabit that has impregnated a woman to create the very anti-Christ. Lucifer himself is an anti-Christ.

Satan has used Karl Marx and others to brainwash people into believing that socialism is a good thing. Satan has control of the earth at this time through socialism. Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and others are his puppets. It is inconceivable to me that any organization can be more evil than the United States FBI and Department of Justice. Still, here we are, in relative comfort in spite of the corruption we are surrounded by.

The war in heaven did not end. The choice is the same as before. Freedom or Socialism. This is the line that divides us. The stakes are Eternal Life or Eternal Damnation. Being on the wrong side of this line is the worst possible decision a person could ever make. And we know how it ends.

Who are the unprepared virgins that represent half of Christ's Church? I believe they are LDS socialists.

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Re: The War in Heaven & Satan’s Continuing Battle for Power.

Post by SARIAH » Mon Sep 03, 2018 9:22 am

Well said Floyd...
SARIAH Latter-day Saint, Australia. Pro-White Nationalist.

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