Should socialists be allowed in the Temple?

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Should socialists be allowed in the Temple?

Post by learning » Sat Jun 09, 2018 6:03 pm

Every prophet in my lifetime has declared publicly that socialism is of the devil.

Some of the less intelligent may suggest that a little socialism as alright. This however, is like having a little raw sewage in your morning milk. Just how much war sewage in your milk is acceptable?

We know that Lucifer was kicked out of heaven for his socialist views, more particularly his no child left behind view. We also know that this defect in character is far deeper than a genetic defect and in fact can not be repaired. This is why God removed the ability to repent from Lucifer. Lucifer will never repent because he thinks he is right. Just a democrats think that it is alright to steal money at gunpoint from one person and give it to another in a form of wealth distribution. Both plans are evil or Satanic.

We know that every point in the national democratic platform is evil. We know that democrats have a way of naming a program something good, when in fact every single time the exact opposite is true. For instance the affordable healthcare act which was totally unaffordable.

A Bible scholar with the Canada Free Press expresses it this way: ... ther-satan

We know that the foundation of the democratic party is Marxism as outlined in Saul Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals".

The national democratic committee has mandated that in order to consider oneself a democrat, one must approve of abortion at any time during a pregnancy including three hundredths of a second before birth.

We know that the democratic party leaders are among the most evil people on the face of the earth and perhaps in all eternity.

We know that the FBI and Department of Justice are so incredibly corrupt as to protect the most vile of human beings such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

So when a person purports to be a member of the democratic party, he/she is in fact admitting membership in an organization whose sole purpose is to thwart the plan of God and to utterly destroy the United States of America and other countries in order to create a new world order in which Satan is the supreme leader.

So when a Bishop or Stake President asks a prospective Temple visitor question number seven which specifically asks "Do you support, affiliate with, or agree with any group or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?" and a democrat lies in order to obtain admission into the Temple, the Bishop and Stake President both know this person is a democrat and is lying.

So in all cases, 100% of the time that a democrat obtains admittance into the Temple, it is under false pretenses.

Certainly, there is no organization on the face of the earth today or at any other time in history that is more anti-Christ than the democratic party.

So now we understand with 100% certainty that any Bishop or Stake President that allows a democrat into the Temple is acting against the teachings of both Jesus Christ and The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints.

So the question begging to be asked is WHY? Some think that the church leadership is afraid of the United States and it's military which could again issue an order of extermination as it did in Joseph Smith's time.

Certainly there is no person as vile as a democrat and no organization represents as big of a threat to freedom as the democratic party. But this should be no surprise as the democrat party is headed by Satan himself and so it is simply a continuation of the war in heaven in which Lucifer set out to prove that socialism is better than capitalism or any other form of government. Only the most idiotic of individuals will fail to give credit to God's inspired capitalism form of government for making the United States the greatest nation on earth in a very short time.

The question has been asked before, many times. Can a democrat be a Mormon? and the answer is absolutely not! It simply is not possible for he will hate the one or the other and can not follow two masters.

Some double digit IQ readers may suggest that John F Kennedy was not the Satanist that his brother was. True, but Satan did not yet have complete control of the democratic party at that time. First Satan had to get men to conspire to kill the president so that he could obtain their hearts as well as their minds. It is said that when you have a man by his balls, his heart and mind soon follow. Clearly, the corruption that exists in today's government allows men to be controlled by blackmail. Having forced sex with an unwilling 9 year old is not something you want in the papers. This is why the Clinton Foundation financed pizzagate.

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