Do scientists refuse truth?

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Do scientists refuse truth?

Post by Floyd » Sat Jul 14, 2018 4:49 pm

Scientists think they are rather smart but in reality they know very little. Sometimes a 10 year old kid knows more than a man who has many degrees and decades of scientific research behind him.

Since scientists (man) can not create life, blood, sperm, or eggs, we are obviously living in a world created by someone else than man.

But it didn't happen by accident either. An amoeba just happened to turn into a tree and then another one did also but this time female and then it never happened again for 600 million years? Not even once. There are only two types of people that believe a fish jumped on the beach and grew legs, then waited for another one to do the same thing except female this time and then they had babies and some turned into monkeys and some into tulips. First is an IQ so low that it may not belong to a human, and the second type is a Disciple of Satan that couldn't care less about truth.

The funny part is that the Creator left a book which describes all of this but scientists aren't smart enough to figure that out.

So then public television or some other Satanic organization with an agenda to deceive humanity makes an idiotic video that while admitting is pure speculation, is actually complete lies and trash.

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