LDS Church likes marijuana, but only if doctor and pharmicist involved

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Re: LDS Church likes marijuana, but only if doctor and pharmicist involved

Post by Floyd » Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:06 pm

We probably ought to get some facts clear because there are many ass holes in this world that think hemp or cannabis in and of itself is a bad thing. First, let's get the biggest lie on earth out of the way. No marijuana or hemp naturally contains THC. That's right! God made all hemp and marijuana without THC. So you could eat 8000 boat loads and the only thing you would get is the need to take a shit. Marijuana does contain THCa which when heated above 220 degrees turns into THC. In the plant's natural state, it simply is not possible to get "high". Hemp or marijuana is a wonderful plant, as one might expect from something made by the Almighty God. There will always be God haters that go to church on Sunday and lie about how they love God and His creations and then on Monday try to get the government to make God's creations illegal.

People have been making creme from hemp for thousands of years because this is how God told them to relieve the pain. This is one of the reasons He made the plant in the first place. Now if a person is such an incredible dumb ass that he needs a doctor to tell him to use some pain creme then so be it, but people with brains know this automatically. God made the plant so that people would not have to ask anyone's permission or pay a doctor visit or pharmacy to get well, and when democrats want people to go to jail for taking God's advice or plant then one might see that that democrat may need an additional hole in his head. Democrats can be cured of this idiocy with a lead injection. It is best if the lead is injected at several hundred or even thousand feet per second directly into the democrat skull. I have never heard of a single complaint from any democrat after receiving such an injection. It is 100% effective.

So when it comes time to vote, you can vote for God and His creations including rattle snakes which are not and should not be illegal, although someone may receive harm if not used correctly. Or you can vote against God and His creations. How someone chooses to use God's creations is none of your business and certainly not any business of government.

Simply view God's creations, whether a plant or a snake as simply that; God created them for His own purposes and man does not in fact have the authority to make God's creations illegal. I would suggest that if you meet someone that thinks otherwise, you should consider decreasing their life expectancy.

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