Convicted on contrived evidence, he sues Roosevelt for $7.5M

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Convicted on contrived evidence, he sues Roosevelt for $7.5M

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But it wasn't until nearly two years later during court proceedings that police disclosed significant portions of the video-recorded interview with Hardman were missing, the lawsuit states.

"There was no plausible explanation for the missing portion of the video and the officers did not disclose to the court or the prosecutor that there were significant portions of the video missing until a motion was filed and they were compelled to do so. The missing portions of the video would have contained exculpatory evidence. The missing portion of the video would have shown officers manipulating the defendant's statements into what they claimed to be an admission," according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit further contends the missing portions of video include the officers telling Hardman what to write in his confession and even telling him how certain words are spelled, the suit states. Attorneys for Hardman believe "the officers destroyed that portion of the video because it contained exculpatory evidence," the lawsuit states.

Hardman, a friend of Hardman, and Hardman's mother later met with Butcher for a recorded interview. During that interview, the mother stated she was skeptical the written admission came from her son.

In court, Hardman's mother testified that her son cannot read or write beyond a rudimentary level, according to court documents, and he would not have been able to write some of the words contained in his purported admission on his own.

That interview with the friend and mother was never presented to the court, according to the lawsuit.

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