U.S. Court forces 5 year old to sex change against his will

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U.S. Court forces 5 year old to sex change against his will

Post by Liberty » Tue Dec 11, 2018 11:54 am

http://www.eutimes.net/2018/12/america- ... heir-will/
Wow…… just wow! Where the heck should we even begin with this? Well you already know what this story is gonna be about from the title but lets just get into it slowly.

This is the most f**ed up thing I’ve ever seen, in all times and all places of the world, ever, period! America truly is a demonic entity that needs to be wiped off the map by God himself through a divine intervention such as an asteroid or Yellow Stone erupting or something.

So, a sick disgusting Texas “mother” if you can even call her that, is now FORCING her 6-year old boy named James to wear dresses, undergo estrogen shots because the mother wants him to be a girl. According to the father, the boy VIOLENTLY refuses to wear any dresses and identifies as a boy, yells, screams and says he wants to be a boy but his mother is putting him up to do this.

The parents are obviously divorced, the most messed up thing is that this all ended up in court and a judge sided with the mother and ruled that the boy should undergo chemical castration and “become a girl”. Jesus Christ mother of God, Holy Mary! I’m getting headaches even thinking of this… its like its almost impossible to find the words for this article…..

First of all you can never become a girl, you are born one! What they wanna do is just castrate the poor underage boy who is perfectly healthy and normal.

And second this is a minor, not even a teen, but a 6 year old child. He cannot give consent to such a thing even if he wanted to. He’s not allowed to drink alcohol until he reaches 21, drive until 16, marry until 18 but he’s allowed to be castrated at 6?? There is not even a law that exempts this from being allowed to children and if there isn’t such a law than its highly illegal, if anything, just blatant child abuse but even if there was such a law in place that would allow 6 yo children to be castrated and turned into freaks by their parents, that law even if it were the law, it would have still been a demonic Hellish law but there’s not even such a law yet these things are happening at a alarming growing rate.

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