Babies Rights

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Babies Rights

Post by learning » Thu Jan 31, 2019 12:02 pm

A baby cannot be seen as a part of the woman's body because he or she has his or her own blood type.

Furthermore, if the baby needs nutrients, it can receive them from the mother's blood.

However, if the mother is malnourished, the umbilical cord has a one way valve to make sure nutrients are not taken from the baby in order to nourish the mother.

A pregnant woman is a living body with two separate lives in it, proven by two different blood types.

The baby can subsist off of the mother, but nature has designed it so that the mother has no possible way to subsist off of the nutrients of the baby.

Therefore, nature has chosen that of the two lives sharing the same body, the baby's rights to nourishment is more important than the mother's.

Nature doesn't care about woman's feelings. It cares about survival of the species.

And in the case of whose life is more important, it chooses the baby.

Therefore, the baby has the right to live and recieve proper nutrients via the mother's body even if it means to the detriment of the mother.

Therefore, according to nature, the baby has the right to life ahead of the mothers' right to life.

There is no indication that a woman has a right to any part of the baby's life, body, or blood. But the opposite is true. The baby has a right to the mother's life, body, and blood.

If you value sinning against the laws of nature than this is proof positive of mental insanity and justification enough for your right to choose to be taken away.

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